Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter FUN!

This is how I like winter.  The ice was a good 10 inches thick but the weather was up into the 40's so we could enjoy it.  Granted, had the weather not been below freezing (and often MUCH below freezing) for as long as it has been 40 degrees would equal rotten ice....but as it was.  YAY!

We spent several hours (the boys spent longer) out on the ice fishing.  (I wanted to skate but my ice skate laces needed replaced AND all the snow on TOP of the ice melted so there was about 2 inches of water on top of the not good skating anyway.

But lots of good fish.  And photo ops.  :)

Just hit the ice.  WOO HOO!

M to the left and me and L.....just getting started.

G caught a big one. 

L didn't want to touch the fish but she liked putting the little ones back.  Enter the slotted spoon we scooped the ice out with.  

There he goes....back into the water.

Just keep fishin.  Just keep fishin.

Just keep fishin, fishin, fishin.

The king at his hole in the ice.

The whole group.

watching the sunset at Nanny and Pappy's house drinking hot cocoa after a succesful day of ice fishin.

And THAT is what winter should look like!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

We got a new microwave....and the can of worms that opened....

So we had an over the stove microwave.  When it started making funny noises not long ago we knew we were going to be replacing it soon.  I didn't want another one over the stove.  My canner didn't fit under it and my stock pots barely fit.  The kids were forever standing on things to make their oatmeal in the mornings.  And it was just HUGE!  Plus, they are kinda spendy.  So we went with a smaller, but big enough, microwave to set on the counter where the kids can reach it and it isn't a pain in the neck....

and then it all became a pain in the neck.

See, we took out that big microwave...and there was a hole in the wall.  Straight through to the siding.  It looks like the microwave was supposed to be vented and then it just, well, wasn't.  But what the heck.  We can't just leave a hole in the wall.  I mean I wish I had all new kitchen cabinets (since the doors keep falling off) Truthfully, I want to renovate the whole kitchen but that isn't in the budget right now   Even still I don't want a HOLE in the wall.  Especially one that lets in cold/hot air.  Clearly cold air is the issue right now.
See the hole.  OMG!  Horrid!

See that cabinet to the left of the stove.  Yeah, it hasn't had a door for a long time.  It fell off and hit me on the head when I opened it one day.  I was less than happy and refuse to put it back up.  I may have thrown a little hissy fit when it happened but its been long enough ago that I don't remember (but it seems like a likely possibility).  So I brainstormed a little and had an idea.  It was simple.  Just gonna rig it up and make it manageable till I get that reno!  Then I decided, if you can't go big you may as well go home and I did this.....
First I decided (upon a friends suggestion) to paint the backs of the cabinets red to match that spot in the center.  I started with the cabinet WITH a door because this red is a freaking NIGHTMARE to paint.  Seriously.  night. mare!

But I got it all done.  Dug around in my mason jar collection (those all have snacks)  The little jars to the right are my most favoritest spices (hello, empty drawer) and the silver cake box holds homemade bread.  Yay!  

But the HOLE still shows.....

Enter cabinet door.  I removed the knob and the hinges.  And printed out a template on the computer....
And I painted it red!  (I thought this phrase was fitting considering the circumstances)
Then I bought some Command picture hanging strips and stuck that sucker over the hole.  (nevermind the dishes)....sometimes creativity overwhelms duty and the dishes will wait for me.

Apart from the new microwave.  This cost whatever 2 pairs of command picture hanging strips cost.  I bought a big pack (cause I LOVE those things) so I would say maybe 50 cents or so.  Not too shabby if you ask me   I call this a WIN!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bikini Body Mommy

So I joined a fitness challenge.  And I have stuck with it for almost 2 weeks, which is frankly a miracle.  However, I don't anticipate ever, ever, ever wearing a bikini where someone might see me, or even in a place where no one would see me.  Maybe if the whole human race was rendered blind...which might happen if I wore a bikini in public.  Seriously.  Oh, wait that is totally not the point here.

The point is, I started a fitness challenge called Bikini Body Mommy with a friend.  Soon 3 more friends joined the party.  (except I think a party should have more food and less sweat but since we aren't actually in the same room when we workout its ok).  And despite the fact that the "actual" bikini body mommy kicks my butt every. single. day. and I wake up sore in new places every. single. day.  I am finding that I enjoy it.  In two weeks, I already feel stronger.  And slightly less sore some days.  I've dropped a couple pounds.  But I feel stronger.  And that is even better.  I also think I have more energy.  And I'm eating better.  If I am sweating and working my, ahem, butt off then I am not going to blow it on cookies.

Today was actually day 12 and we were supposed to retake the fitness test that we took on day one.  Eight as many as you can in 50 seconds.  Rest for 10 seconds.  Keep track.  I was shocked at my improvement.  I was able to do more in almost every exercise.  Some of them I nearly doubled my score.  YAY!  Then there were burpees.  I actually did fewer burpees.  I hate them.  I think that's why I didn't do well on them today.  I hate them.  They hate me.  We just didn't play nice today.

Anyway, you can check out the challenge here

12 days down...78 days to go.

PS.  Burpees are evil!  In case you didn't pick up on that earlier.
PPS.  So are bikinis.  From my perspective.  Of course, if I actually ever had "abs" in my whole life I might have a different opinion.  ;)

Family Game Night!!!

 So we haven't had one of these lately that didn't involve Wii games.  And I don't play Wii games.  Sooooo, does that really count as a family game night?  ......don't answer that.

But the King got (from me) the game Settlers of Catan for Christmas.  And we decided to teach it to the kids and see how they did.  M, A, and I played on our own and G and the King teamed up.  L sat at the table and played Hello Kitty apps on the Ipad.  A fun time was had by all.  A got a little sulky that he didn't win.  And G wants to play all by himself but he just isn't big enough.  M thinks its the best game ever.

Actually, at the end of the game,we were telling M that it would have been better if he traded cards a different way rather than what he did.  His response...."It doesn't really matter cause I'm getting ready to win."  Then he built a city and the game was over.

Monday, January 20, 2014

"Polar Vortex" plus L's 3rd birthday!

Unfortunately, these 2 things happened at the same time so there was no party for Little Miss L.  Actually, has the temps dropped outside her fever climbed inside and we had a rough couple days altogether.  Monday (day 2 of both winter weather and fever) we were actually afraid we were going to have to find a way to get to the ER...but I spoke to our pediatrician and piped water into her mouth with a medicine dropper and we got her to wake up and drink crisis averted.   There was a bit of stress those days.  But we all survived, stayed warm, and all's well that ends well.

Prepped for the "winter Vortex".  Lots of wood stacked inside and since we'd already been sledding our winter clothes were drying by the fire

Our front door completely iced over and shut.
one sick little girl

perked up enough for birthday cake with Nan and Pap

But not enough to "blow" all over the whole cake!

Opening barbies from Nan and Pap (incidentally barbie shoes hurt slightly less than legoes when you step on them in the dark)

She got the movie Brave from us and a Merida dress to wear while she watches it

Boys got some time in the snow!

And M and I worked on an igloo for a while.

We had to quit here.  We couldn't get the top closed.  maybe next time!

And that's all I got for now!  :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Pictures!

Yes, I'm behind.  Sorry about that.  With 4 kids in the house, I feel like I'm continually fighting sickness or something.  Plus there was the whole "polar vortex" thing that messed us all up for a few days....or that's my story and I'm sticking to it.