Monday, April 18, 2016

Homemade Oatmeal Packets

The King has been eating oatmeal packets for breakfast at work for a long long long time.  He gets the box at the store and eats a couple each morning.  However, at home we get yummy more whole food based oatmeal.  No gross packets for us.  The unfairness of this was not lost on me.  Then while surfing the interwebs I discovered something so simple I can't believe it didn't occur to stupid.  And now I make him oatmeal packets.  It takes me about a half hour to make a month or so worth of the packets for him.  I could make lots more in not lots more time if I were so inclined but a month is about right.  This time I made 4 kinds....

Cranberry almond
mixed berry/cherry pecan
strawberries n cream
peaches n cream

This is how I did it.

I used snack size zipper bags....into each bag I added

1/2 cup quick oats
1 T dry milk powder (so he can make it with water at work)
1/2 T ground flax (totally optional)

The add ins were totally not measured.  I used dried fruit and nuts from Aldi for the cranberry almond and mixed berry pecan.  The strawberries and peaches were FREEZE dried and I also found them at aldi.  He makes them with water at work and uses honey that he takes to work by the pint to add a little sweetener.  You could add brown sugar, or any dry sweetener....but since we prefer honey we have to add after we cook.  We'll see how he likes these over the next month.

I've also made....

cranberry/dark chocolate (dried cranberries and dark choc chips)
and a peanut butter one with PB2 (found with the peanut butter)

He did not like the peanut butter one.