Meet the Queen!!

It is nice to meet you.  Since we're going to be best friends sooner or later, you can just call me "Your Royal Highness."  But I probably won't answer...the kids and the "King" refuse to call me that.  So, as I think about it, if you want me to know that you are talking to me, you may as well just call me mom, or momma, or Mooooommmmmmmy!  I am most likely to turn my head then.  But because this is my blog and I want to feel really special here I will call myself the queen or if I'm feeling particularly important, Her Royal Highness.  (you know talking about yourself in 3rd person sounds kinda uppity anyway, I may as well make it worthwhile.)  

This blog is about my life.  Not as I dreamed it when I was 16 and making plans for my future (I'll tell that story someday if you remind me), but as it is.  I want to get to know other people out there away from my neck of the woods.  My castle isn't always (ok, it isn't often) clean.  Nor is it big or imposing or anything.  It isn't made of stone, or full of antiques, or surrounded by a moat.  Really, most people wouldn't call my home a castle...ok, ok, no one would call my home a castle.  But it is the most important place in the world to me.  It is where we have decided to grow our family and leave our legacy.

I will say that I think an actual queen does much less cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving, referee-ing, and other less than glorious tasks than I do in any given week (or day).  But without having to do those things, I don't really know what I would blog about.

So, it is nice to meet you!  Hope we see each other again soon....