Monday, May 28, 2012

The Official "Summer Bucket List" List

The list on the blog is all great for those of us in blog-land.  But as my kids are 4, 6 and 8, they just don't spend a lot of time here.  And the value in creating more list makers and checker off-ers (of course that's a word) is immeasurable.  So I made a list and hung it on our craft closet door.  And we've already crossed a few things off.  We could have actually crossed more off the list this weekend but we are gonna spread it out a little bit.  Anyway, I'll post about that another day.  Today I am sharing the list itself.  And an inspiration to succeed at #68.  But first the list itself... 
Can you read the small print?  IRL, it is written on 1 inch lines.          

I have a fabric stash.  It is extensive (excessive?!?!) and most of the time when I am making something I have a specific fabric I want to use and it is not one I already the stash just keeps growing.  I also suspect it is multiplying on its own under my bed....not sure how that happens but I think it does.  Sometimes I am surprised at how much is really in there when I start pulling out the tubs from under my bed.  So #68 on the bucket list is to decrease my fabric stash by half in one way or another.  I either have to use it, throw it out, or take it to be sold.  So which is it going to be.  Maybe a little of all of it.  Some of it, I have ideas for projects for the boys or myself.  And other pieces need to be gotten rid of.  But the other perfectly great fabric (I have a TON of bandana fabric that I'm not sure why I got it) needs to be put to good use....enter The Sewing for Orphans Project.  This is an easy peasy drawstring bag with a very well done tutorial.  It requires 1 yard (2 - 1/2 yard sections really) of fabric and some ribbon and cording (she will add the cording for you if you don't want to buy it.)  We are talking simple, fast....and such a gift to hurting children.  So I am going to see how many of these bad boys I can make this summer.  They would be a great project for beginning sewers (both adult and child alike).  I haven't made one yet....but I will soon.  I have 4 or 5 other sewing projects (for myself) in my head.  Maybe I'll make one of these before I make each of the projects I wanna make for myself.  That would be 4 or 5 here in a hurry cause once I get a project in my head I don't wait well.  :)

I did get started on reducing my fabric pile this afternoon.  Of course, I picked this tiny bag and used about 1/2 of a fat quarter....barely a drop in the bucket.  Anyway, I found this tutorial and decided to try it.  I need a new makeup bag.  I'm still using one I bought (or my mom bought for me) at Walmart in, like,1992. This is a vast improvement on that one, needless to say.  And the tutorial on Flossie Teacakes was easy to follow.  Great beginner zipper project.  :)

The outside of the bag with the totally cute blue and off white bubbles.

Inside is just enough space for my makeup for traveling.  
So that is my update for today.  More on the other things we checked off the list this weekend another day this week.  Keep checking up....and if you are doing a "summer bucket list" and if you blog it, please share your link so I can check it out.....


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