Wednesday, December 5, 2012

School day!

The Princess works on "trays" while the boys all do school work.  This was new and a HUGE hit!
She searched for the shapes and scooped and poured.
She kept most of them on her desk....and for the record my vacuum gets beans up very well!  ;)

getting some seat work done

The big boys are unhappy about their assignments....but they did them anyway

A new math game.  Addition facts from 0+0 through 10+10 are on popsicle sticks.  The cups have numbers 1-20....

...drop the popsicle stick in the cup with the correct answer.  They had fun with it.

This little guy is learning to read.  :)

We've been home for around 6 weeks with our little Princess and we are finding a groove for getting school work done.  It has been a bit challenging to get into a routine but we're getting there.  Thanksgiving week, shotgun season (twice) and appointments have made finding that routine even harder....but we are still doing well.  I just love my job!!!!

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