Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#37 - CHECK!!!

a picture of the star of the show!!!

Ready for Chipwrecked (and Bed!)

Lovin this movie!!!

So Chipwrecked was the first thing we checked off our list.  It was a huge success.  The perfect activity for a Friday night after a long and busy 2 weeks when mommy and daddy are exhausted.  And the kids didn't even know that we were punking out cause they were thrilled!  ;)  I expect some of the other activities will make for much better photos but I took some anyway....gotta get ready for a scrapbook!  :)

One thing down, 100 left to go.  :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Official "Summer Bucket List" List

The list on the blog is all great for those of us in blog-land.  But as my kids are 4, 6 and 8, they just don't spend a lot of time here.  And the value in creating more list makers and checker off-ers (of course that's a word) is immeasurable.  So I made a list and hung it on our craft closet door.  And we've already crossed a few things off.  We could have actually crossed more off the list this weekend but we are gonna spread it out a little bit.  Anyway, I'll post about that another day.  Today I am sharing the list itself.  And an inspiration to succeed at #68.  But first the list itself... 
Can you read the small print?  IRL, it is written on 1 inch lines.          

I have a fabric stash.  It is extensive (excessive?!?!) and most of the time when I am making something I have a specific fabric I want to use and it is not one I already the stash just keeps growing.  I also suspect it is multiplying on its own under my bed....not sure how that happens but I think it does.  Sometimes I am surprised at how much is really in there when I start pulling out the tubs from under my bed.  So #68 on the bucket list is to decrease my fabric stash by half in one way or another.  I either have to use it, throw it out, or take it to be sold.  So which is it going to be.  Maybe a little of all of it.  Some of it, I have ideas for projects for the boys or myself.  And other pieces need to be gotten rid of.  But the other perfectly great fabric (I have a TON of bandana fabric that I'm not sure why I got it) needs to be put to good use....enter The Sewing for Orphans Project.  This is an easy peasy drawstring bag with a very well done tutorial.  It requires 1 yard (2 - 1/2 yard sections really) of fabric and some ribbon and cording (she will add the cording for you if you don't want to buy it.)  We are talking simple, fast....and such a gift to hurting children.  So I am going to see how many of these bad boys I can make this summer.  They would be a great project for beginning sewers (both adult and child alike).  I haven't made one yet....but I will soon.  I have 4 or 5 other sewing projects (for myself) in my head.  Maybe I'll make one of these before I make each of the projects I wanna make for myself.  That would be 4 or 5 here in a hurry cause once I get a project in my head I don't wait well.  :)

I did get started on reducing my fabric pile this afternoon.  Of course, I picked this tiny bag and used about 1/2 of a fat quarter....barely a drop in the bucket.  Anyway, I found this tutorial and decided to try it.  I need a new makeup bag.  I'm still using one I bought (or my mom bought for me) at Walmart in, like,1992. This is a vast improvement on that one, needless to say.  And the tutorial on Flossie Teacakes was easy to follow.  Great beginner zipper project.  :)

The outside of the bag with the totally cute blue and off white bubbles.

Inside is just enough space for my makeup for traveling.  
So that is my update for today.  More on the other things we checked off the list this weekend another day this week.  Keep checking up....and if you are doing a "summer bucket list" and if you blog it, please share your link so I can check it out.....


Friday, May 25, 2012

101 Fun Summer Activities

Inspired by some facebook friends and boards on pinterest, we decided to make our own "summer bucket list".  I'm not sure we'll get to do all of them but we can try.  And have fun doing it.  Sometimes, I get tired of trying to think of fun things to do and this way we have a list to go from.  And, oooooohhhhhh, I LOVE lists!  So here is my 101 things to do this summer.  Some will be easier than others and some are on there cause I already know some of the plans for the summer.  Summer fun....Here we Come!!!

(names in parenthesis mean this is a goal for that specific person)
(If the item is followed by pinterest, that means the instructions are on my pinterest board so I can find them again) 

1. Ice Cream for supper
2. Pick berries and make jam
3. See the mountains
4. Jump off the diving board
5. camp out
6. Family 5K
7. Play with sparklers
8. Make giant bubbles
9. Movie Night at home
10. Have a sleepover
11. Drive In Movie
12. Library Summer Club
13. Tie Dye T-shirts
14.Go to VBS
15. Play putt putt golf
16. Go bowling
17. Visit the zoo.
18. Finish garage downstairs. (daddy)
19. Harvest the garden and can veggies
20.  Weenie roast
21. Go fishing
22. Go swimming
23. Go to the park
24. Make homemade popsicles
25. Go to Chucky Cheese
26. Make and deliver cookies to grandma's apartment building
27. Share a banana split
28. Host an ice cream social
29. Float trip down river
30. Go to Holiday World/ Splashin Safari
31. See a parade
32. Sculpey Sculptures
33. Learn to ride bike without training wheels (little guy)
34. Sleepover with Nanny and Pappy
35. Learn to make brownies (lesson from mommy)
36. Hold a little baby
37. Watch Chipwrecked
38. Give $$ to someone anonymously / or pay for someone's meal in restaurant
39. Watch a baseball game
40. tree climbing
41. Make a bug collection
42. Go to church camp (the Prince)
43. Go screen free for 1 day.
44. Eat on the patio
45. Make suncatchers (pinterest)
46. Try a new food
47. Go skinny dippin' (boys)
48. Swim at the river
49. Lazertag
50 Go to star step gym
51. Make a card for someone and mail it
52. Visit a different church
53. Watch a sunset
54. watch a sunrise
55. Bike rides
56. Catch lightning bugs
57. Go on a nature walk
58. Demo Derby
59. Eat an elephant ear
60. Water Balloon Fight
61. Build a birdhouse/bird feeder
62. Have a picnic
63. Fly a kite
64. Watermelon seed spitting contest
65. Ride the paddleboat
66. Skip rocks
67. Dance in the rain
68. get rid of or use 1/2 of fabric stash (Queen)
69. Make a naked egg (pinterest)
70. Have a pom pom shooter war (pinterest)
71. Make our own bouncy balls (pinterest)
72. Make photo bookmarks (pinterest)
73. Build a porch swing
74. Make new kinds of paper airplanes (pinterest)
75. Draw a sidewalk chalk masterpiece
76. Family boardgame night
77. Learn to tell time
78. Sleep at a hotel
79. Visit Aunt Heather, Uncle Greg, and Delaney
80. Watch the 4th of July Fireworks
81. Wiffle Golf
82. Make glow stick lanterns (pinterest)
83. eat homemade ice cream
84. Have a meal with no store bought food (except seasonings)
85. eat corn on the cob.
86. Watch for shooting stars
87. Jammie day
88. play hopscotch
89. Backyard obstacle course
90. Diet Coke and Mentos experiment
91. Baptism celebration for Middle boy
92. Make root beer floats
93. Build Jasper a dog house
94. Make handprint stepping stones
95. Scavenger/treasure hunt
96. Make "solar s'mores" (pinterest)
97. Make treasure boxes.
98. Sunburn Balloons (pinterests)
99. make bubble snakes
100. Ice Cube Hockey
101. Photo album to chronicle adventure

I'll be back with photos and stories as we complete our list!  :)