Sunday, May 12, 2013

2 Week Menu

I haven't posted any menu plans for a looooooong time.  Not for any particular reason.  I've still been planning our menus before I go grocery shopping which I do twice a month (the 1st and 15th-ish).  At the changing of the seasons I always get a little antsy about what we are eating and think I need to overhaul the whole thing....which never actually works all that well.  But I try.  The last grocery trip I spent frantically figuring out the next 2 weeks in meals and working in something new.  I'm SOOOOO tired of the same old stuff all the time.  I scoured pinterest and found new recipes.  I made a list and organized shopping cards (for each recipe) so if I couldn't find on ingredient for a new recipe I wouldn't buy all the other ingredients to be wasted.  And then I went shopping and had great luck.  We got everything put away and I decided to choose our meals for the next week.  (My 2 week plan is usually just a list of 14 meals which we arrange as we go).  And that's when I realized I lost the paper(s) I'd used to do the original planning.  So what exactly was that can of rotel for (Answer: I have NO idea- NONE!).  Still we ate and it's all good.....but now it is coming on to the 15th and I've gotta go grocery shopping again.

This time I am doing it differently. Baseball season is upon us and we have 2 boys on teams.  Yes, teamS.  They are in separate leagues and play on different teams.  That means twice the time at the ballpark....kinda. Their games do overlap a lot which presents both pros and cons.  I am not a good baseball mom and I don't much like going to the ballpark.  And my attention span lasts thru about the first inning.  Ugh.  Anyway, I digress.

Back to our menu...So there are some nights that we have to be at the ballpark shortly after the king gets home from work (and there are those nights he will just have to meet us there).  I can't just choose meal and then plug them into the calendar later.  I have to have meals where the timing is going to be feasible.  Beacuse of this I actually printed out a calendar (this one - the one labeled "list at the top")  On the list area above I am making breakfast, lunch and snacks lists.  On the calendar squares I wrote in ballgame times and then filled in our menu.  It is all planned out thru the end of may.  And just in case I lose it all (again!) I am going to post it on here.

Starting tonight (May 12-Happy mothers day)

5/12 - eggs and toast
5/13  - homemade pizza & salad
5/14 - fish, potatoes, and cole slaw
5/15 - we will be shopping all day and will likely be forced to eat out. maybe twice  :(
5/16  - salad bar
5/17 - sloppy joes, mac n cheese, and cauliflower poppers
5/18 - spaghetti
5/19 - burgers on grill, corn on the cob, garlic grilled potatoes & carrots
5/20 - chicken fried rice
5/21 - tacos
5/22 - breakfast for dinner (I'll let the kids pick which one)
5/23 - pizza & salad
5/24 - probably going to eat out :(
5/25 - my neice's first birthday party - gonna eat there  woohoo!
5/26 - chicken pot pie (crockpot)
5/27 - fish, cole slaw, corn
5/28 - enchiladas

As of 5/29 we will have one kid at church camp, the king will be leaving to do ministry, and I will be getting ready for a craft booth at a local festival.  I have no idea what we will eat or when but we'll be chasing our tails so much that I am not planning.  It will likely be things like hot dogs, pb&j, and "fruity" meals (all favorites of the children remaining under my roof) or leftovers that I've frozen just for a time like this.

Tomorrow I will be planning, pinning and blogging Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack plans....stayed tuned.  HA!

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