Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I think I might be a jet setter now!

So I'm a stay at home, homeschooling mom.  I like to go places and see things but I am not a jet setter.  And then my sister, who lives in Perth Australia, calls and says "Hey I wanna fly you (and mom, and H) to Salt Lake City.  I need to be there for work and we can meet early, hang out, and shop for my wedding dress."  That was about a month ago.  And we did it.  We flew to Utah for 2 days for shopping (and a little sightseeing).

I haven't been in an airport in 10 years.  I hadn't been shopping in a real store for things not on clearance since I was buying maternity clothes....and I haven't been pregnant in 7 years.  But thankfully, I found stitch fix and we squeezed in a shopping trip to buy things to wear on our shopping trip (Yes, I see the humor in that) before we had to catch a plane.  I mean I figure I could have worn something that I had already....but I thought this trip called for something beyond pajama pants and stained t-shirts.

And we had a great trip!!!  Pictures tell the story....
Fresh faced and ready to FLY!

Ok.  So for me travel is about 75% about the food.  We ate at this Brazillian buffet and it was superb!  Just so so good!

Had some pedicure appointments after a day of travel

cute toesies.

Spent some time at Temple Square.  This is the temple.  
Mormon Temple

In the alcove where the statue of Joseph Smith once stood at the Temple (We asked permission before taking these)
PS.  That is a stitch fix sweater and scarf.  The kick butt coral pants are from Old Navy (NOT on clearance-look at me all stylin)
The steps to the temple!  -Raf was already gone  :( 
All 4 of us outside the Temple.  Wish raf could have had more time with us!  (my shirt and sweater are stitch fix-I love that shirt....this is not a great picture)

ready for our second day of shopping/siteseeing

More food!  (I did eat more than these 2 meals....but these are the only ones I remembered to take pictures of before I dug in-HA!)
Less fresh faced on the trip home!  Overnight flights are not for those only pretending to be jet setters.

Thank God for those moving walkways....soooooo tired!

We had such a wonderful trip!  And she did get her dress (which they kindly did the little alteration needed while we had lunch).  But I can't put pictures of the dress online....that would not be cool!  :)  

I am so thankful that we were able to take this little get away!  It was fun from start to finish!!!  And I'm ready to go somewhere again....but its back to real life this week with school and kids with fevers....and I'm back to wearing pajama pants all day!

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