Monday, August 3, 2015

Young Living and essential oils!

So I've been using essential oils for a while now....but I've never been dedicated to a particular company.  I've had mixed results with all that I've tried.  While we were on vacation, I used some of a friend's oils.  Two experiences stick out in my mind...

I helped in the children's program each morning and we had a child who was a "runner."  He made for the door (which opened onto a street) both mornings he was present.  I was the "tackle" (this is not a title I was hoping for).  The first time I was calm about the whole thing.  The second time left my hands shaking and me fighting tears.  That doesn't often happen but I don't like grabbing kids.  And the boy was very distraught and I was unsure if his parents would be upset  (they weren't).  But in that moment I was struggling to pull myself together.  That's when my friend offered me some Stress Away.  I said roll it on wherever you think it'll work fastest. She rolled it behind my neck and on both wrists.  Within 2 literal minutes, my hands had stopped shaking and I was calm.  No more threatening tears or anything.  I've never had an oil work that well or that quickly before.  I was ready to go work with the kids again.

At another point, I asked for some peppermint for A to use.  He has rubbed a drop on the roof of his mouth of both brands I've used in the past with much success and without any trouble.  My friend hesitated and said "its a 'hot' oil" and I told her he would be fine....he's done it before.  This time his eyes watered and he huffed a bit.  But he was fine-HA!  Her oil was definitely "hotter."  And it worked exactly as we hoped it would.

When we got home my friend shared that Young Living is running a sale on their starter I just ordered one.  I am totally excited to get the shipment tomorrow in the mail (incidentally Smart Post is NOT a good shipment choice)

**If you are interested in essential oils and would like to chat about them...I would love to share why we use them.  Like homeschooling, martial arts, and eating (mostly) clean....I think I could talk all day.  Just shoot me a message and I'll see how I can help you**

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