Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Consider this a warning! ;)

So I've started pulling out school supplies and books and things to prep for the school year.  Since I bought complete curriculums for each child this year it is going to be much easier.  Can I get an hallelujah!?!?!

I got 3 levels from Heart of Dakota this year. A and M will be working through Creation to Christ.  G will be doing Beyond LIttle Hearts for His Glory.  And L will be doing LIttle Hands to Heaven.   I am very excited about the lesson plans and such that come with buying a complete curriculum.  I hope that the kids all do well with this style of learning....cause I'm very excited about it and comfortable with the idea of using it till we are finished.  :)  Not only will they be doing the complete curriculum but we add in creative writing, foreign language, and keyboarding.  G does reading and phonics practice and we do family read alouds as well.

I still need to get all of it organized and put away but I have to figure out where/how to do that since my bookshelves all changed in the midst of the kitchen remodel that we are not finished with yet.  :/

In the meantime, I've been thinking about our fall schedule....and trying not to cry (not really-I don't cry that easily)....but seriously...
Monday- taekwondo in the evening
Tuesday- G violin lessons in the afternoon
Wednesday- I was hoping to sign them up for art classes that a studio nearby has just for homeschoolers- I REALLY want them to have this opportunity.  And Awana in the evening.
Thursday- A and M music lessons were switched to Thursday afternoon because of a conflict that arose with their teacher's schedule
Friday- hangout and library afternoon. (that we would love to attend but rarely make it to)

So what is gonna give?  When am I going to clean the house or cook or eat or sleep?  How are we going to complete school work?  We are going to have to figure something out....

In the meantime (this is the warning part)....if anyone questions if I'm worried about my kids "socialization", I have martial arts training and I am not afraid to use it.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Young Living and essential oils!

So I've been using essential oils for a while now....but I've never been dedicated to a particular company.  I've had mixed results with all that I've tried.  While we were on vacation, I used some of a friend's oils.  Two experiences stick out in my mind...

I helped in the children's program each morning and we had a child who was a "runner."  He made for the door (which opened onto a street) both mornings he was present.  I was the "tackle" (this is not a title I was hoping for).  The first time I was calm about the whole thing.  The second time left my hands shaking and me fighting tears.  That doesn't often happen but I don't like grabbing kids.  And the boy was very distraught and I was unsure if his parents would be upset  (they weren't).  But in that moment I was struggling to pull myself together.  That's when my friend offered me some Stress Away.  I said roll it on wherever you think it'll work fastest. She rolled it behind my neck and on both wrists.  Within 2 literal minutes, my hands had stopped shaking and I was calm.  No more threatening tears or anything.  I've never had an oil work that well or that quickly before.  I was ready to go work with the kids again.

At another point, I asked for some peppermint for A to use.  He has rubbed a drop on the roof of his mouth of both brands I've used in the past with much success and without any trouble.  My friend hesitated and said "its a 'hot' oil" and I told her he would be fine....he's done it before.  This time his eyes watered and he huffed a bit.  But he was fine-HA!  Her oil was definitely "hotter."  And it worked exactly as we hoped it would.

When we got home my friend shared that Young Living is running a sale on their starter I just ordered one.  I am totally excited to get the shipment tomorrow in the mail (incidentally Smart Post is NOT a good shipment choice)

**If you are interested in essential oils and would like to chat about them...I would love to share why we use them.  Like homeschooling, martial arts, and eating (mostly) clean....I think I could talk all day.  Just shoot me a message and I'll see how I can help you**