Friday, June 1, 2012

#24 - CHECK

Making homemade popsicles (or in this case fudgesicles) was a HUGE HUGE success.  I made these last weekend using a recipe I found on pinterest.  It was easy peasy. 

1/3 cup Nutella
1 cup milk

whisk it together and put it in freezer pop molds and freeze...then eat.  And try not to make yummy sounds as you do!  They were GREAT!!!  Here are some photos to document the chocolatey yumminess!  

I'm mixing up the nutella and milk....please disregard my lack of make-up and the fact that my hair is barely combed or that I didn't clean up the supper waffle iron....I was focused on more important things.  Namely, NUTELLA FUDGESICLES!  It's all about priorities folks!

The middle kid is liking his.

Big Boy is doing a good job avoiding brain freeze -  not an easy thing to do with such yummy chocolatey frozen goodness.

Can his mouth BE any bigger?  I guess he takes after his momma. 

You'd think that by opening his mouth as big as he was that there would be less on his face.  But you would be wrong.  At least he gives them a thumbs up!

Look at that smile!  He is HAPPY!

He is happy!  I also wish he would wear pants....This one apparently takes after his Grandpa on his dad's side! 
Today I also made more popsicles (no pictures though)....they were even easier.  I just poured some orange juice in the molds and stuck them in the freezer.  I can definitely see popsicles being a standard part of our summer this year! 

..........Only 99 more to go!!!


  1. How fun!! ....I would try this with an almond milk and a chocolate almond butter...I know I am spoiling all the fun by trying to be healthy lol....would probably be good with chopped nuts too!! :) I think I would like to make some ~Have a Great summer Kelli xx Heather

  2. Yum! Love the red knobs!!-melissa