Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Its All New!!!

It's a new month.  Granted, not much is different from last month but still February is brand new and we're ready for it.

We have some new things we are trying in our home this month.  First of all, the boys are helping more with household chores.  The each do dishes once a day- breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  And since I am getting mega-tired of finding dirty clothes in their room after I finish up the laundry, I am teaching them to run the washer and dryer.  They have 3 days to do their laundry each week (darks, lights, and sheets).  That gives me 4 days to do all the other laundry.  Except today was my day and they begged to get to work the washer (wonder how long that will last-HA!)so they are doing "my" wash today.  Lest you think I am getting off easy and just sitting around eating bon-bons and playing online, they are still learning these tasks.  I help each time so we don't "get" to by a new washer.  And although I am not doing the dishes for breakfast and lunch (The little guy helps me do the supper dishes), I am mopping up the water mess and checking that they are clean.  they are also learning to stoke the woodstove and light the fire.  You can be sure there is a lot of supervision in this task since if something went wrong the consequences are dire but it is a lesson worth learning.  And they keep it good and hot in this house.  Hot enough that I am thankful that I didn't pack up my tanks and that we can open some windows. :)  I think teaching them to do it actually creates more work for me but their wives will thank me someday! ;)

Secondly, the Princess is showing interest in potty training.  We bought some big girl panties last week but haven't taken the plunge yet.  I am the world's worst potty trainer and quite frankly I dread it.  I look forward to not changing diapers but I have never ever had an easy potty training experience.  With all of the boys I finally gave up and said if I hope they have very very very understanding college roommates.  Of course, they have all since gotten it but it was an awful ordeal.  I understand that everyone says that girls are easier but I am still dragging my feet...but in the next week or so we'll be trying it at least.

Lastly, I started the new month with a new toy, a new (to me) storage cabinet, and it is great!  It really is the simple things.  My sister decided to get rid of a white cabinet she had been using for linens in her home.  At first, I thought this could really give the King and I some more closet space (we have the smallest bedroom in the house and the closet is teeny)....but when we got it in here it was too big to fit in the space I thought.  So it became my SEWING CABINET!
My new sewing cabinet sits right in my dining room where I do my sewing.  It is perfect!  (I just noticed my diner sign is seriously crooked-oops!  And those bar stools are now all gone.  Thank goodness!)

PLUS, I got a NEW sewing machine.  I am beyond excited!  I've only gotten to make one project on it so far but I am loving it.  I think I will name her Lilly.  We wanted to name our daughter Lilly but she was given a beautiful name by her birthmom and we didn't change it.  I still really like the name so I think use it for my sewing machine.  :)

Meet Lilly.  She is a Brother SQ 9050 and I love her!  :)
  On a new machine, I wanted to make something for myself first (so if I screwed it up it wasn't such a big deal).  I was wanting one of these insulated water bottle bags for the homeschool convention and for ball park and summer trips and all that!   And Lilly and I did a great job ;)
Insulated water bottle bag with a cross body strap.

close up on some of the pretty stitches Lilly can make.  Isn't she awesome!  (But I did help!)

 My next thing is just started....I got it cut out last night.  It is a gift for a wonderful friend who is having her first baby.
Soon this will be this diaper bag with a few alterations of my own.  I can't follow a pattern any better than I can follow a recipe.  :)
 So February is full of fun and new things and old things and we are loving it all.

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