Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Poofy Shorts, and sun hats and bloomers Oh my!

I was busy at my sewing machine yesterday and I have photos to prove it.  :)  

Up first are the poofy shorts made for my little Princess.  I made them with an adjustable waist band (thank you button elastic) and a flat front.  I will make the front more narrow so there is less "pucker" in the back next time but they are still so cute.

Back of Princess' poofy shorts

flat front of  the poofy shorts.

Adding the poofy shorts under a nice dress makes for a more modest little girl and no diapers peeking out.

This little dress still needs a strap but it is adorable with her new short peeking out. :)

Up next are some little boy sunhats.  They BEGGED me to make them and picked out the fabric.  I was truly hoping to have some of these at strawberry fest but I don't see that happening.  They take me too long to pay for my time selling them in that way.  However, I may be willing to take custom orders if someone is really interested.  They can be made to be reversible and these technically are but in my mind there is a definitely outer fabric and liner.  

And last but certainly not least Baby Bloomers!  But I don't have a model for them.  These should fit a 6-12 month baby with lots of flexibility in the sizing.  The legs are elasticized and although they also have a flat front the waist is adjustable with button elastic.  (I have no idea why these won't turn the other way-Sorry!)
cutesy baby bloomers for my niece!

close up of the button elastic that makes the waistband more adjustable .

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