Monday, January 28, 2013

Sewing sewing sewing!

My machine and I have spent a lot of time together this weekend.  And I've loved it.  I even got a chance to sew with a friend and that is always fun too (even if she spent more time on machine trouble than actually sewing-I've been there and it is infuriating_.  I made several dresses for little girls.  A couple for the princess (that all need straps added so I'll post pics of them later).  And I finished 4 to take to the Strawberry Fest for the booth I'm sharing with my sister and my friend.

Before I go on-let me give a shout out to the awesome women I get to share a booth with....

For those of you who treat your furry friends like children (specifically dogs) my sister will be making homemade dog treats, as well as chew toys, and little doggie coats for the cold days of winter.  I think she may also work on some other doggie clothes too.  :)

I'm not sure what specifically my friend is making but she is an awesome knitter and seamstress.  I know she makes really great coffee mug coozies (I wonder if they would fit on a can to keep a drink cold and from sweating).  When I find out what she's planning to make I'll let you know.  Or you could just swing by our booth and say hello!  

Also, for those of you who will be hanging out with the kids, my sister and I will be doing hair beading. It lasts longer than face painting but in no way damages your hair. (it can also be taken out immediately if you decide its gotta go). We'll have a wide assortment of bead colors, and charge per braid.  So you can get one or a couple!

Here's my princess with her full head of beads....I LOVE THEM!  And she'll probably have them a lot since I've tried it and seen how much I LOVE THEM!!!!  Did I mention I LOVE THEM!
Here's a sneak peek of this weekend's finished dresses (although if I'm honest you'll probably see a lot of them for "pre-shopping" so you can already pick out what you want before you come see us.  But if there is something that you just love then stop by early most -all- of these are one of a kind!  :) Drop me a comment if you'd like to see something in a certain size and I"ll see what I can do but I make no promises.

These are all "pillowcase dresses" and don't hang exceptionally well on hangers (They are so much cuter in person).  I will also be making at least one other style of dress (with smocking), and hopefully some sunhats.  And who knows what else!  I have a serious case of crafters ADD!  Oooh, I also have crayon rolls and some bags and purses.  :)

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