Saturday, January 26, 2013

Just Go to BED!!!

It is Saturday Night. The King and the Boys are out on a "guys night" watching the Hobbit. It is just me and our Princess chillin' at home. The plan was to relax, have a good time, and a girlie night. It was a total girls' night.

First we had a little oatmeal for supper (easy, fast, healthy, and she eats it). Then we had our real supper - ice cream. This was a 2 part deal. First, ICE CREAM FOR SUPPER!!! Woooohoooo! Second, I decided to try beading her hair and I thought ice cream might make her sit still. I was right. She loved the ice cream and her beads look great. She even liked the ice cream that she dropped on the carpet and picked back up and ate. ICK!

Then she had a nice long bath to just sit and soak and play (of course). She had a ball until she apparently pulled the plug in the tub. But whatever water she didn't drain out, she had splashed all over the bathroom. So I got her out, got her lotioned, and got a diaper on her and went to clean up the bathroom. EXCEPT I forgot that her hair cream (grease) was sitting out in the living room (where we had done braids).... So I got all the water cleaned up and went in the living room to discover her with her hands in the hair cream (grease) up to her wrists. There was also some on her belly. I scraped what I could off her hands and ran it through her ends. That's when I got a wiff of the huge poop she had just unloaded in her diaper (thank God I had already put one on her and not let her "get a little air" since there are no boys in the house tonight)

That's when I decided to just stick her back in the tub. This, however, was not to be a leisurely soaker bath. I sprayed her down with the shower head and none too warm water. However, hair cream (grease) doesn't really wash off with water. The water just beads up and runs off. It was like her whole body had been treated with rainex. Whatever! I hosed her down, dried her off, and got her in jammies. In the process, we may or may not have ruined a towel.

Something possessed me to think we could spend a little time in the kitchen (which, incidentally, is a disaster cause I've been sewing and not keeping it up-more on the sewing in my next post...But I wasn't gonna clean it up). Oh Heaven's NO! I got Kale last week and I've been wanting to try Kale chips. There are recipes all over pinterest. So I found one to try and followed the directions (SHOCKING! I NEVER follow recipes). The Princess was a great help shaking the Kale around in the bag of seasoning. It was fun. 30 minutes in the oven for crisp kale chips. They made the house smell REALLY good! And that is the only good thing I can say about them. They were terrible. Burnt on the edges and chewy in the middle. Gross!! So much for following a recipe. I still have another bunch of kale....back to pinterest I guess.

 While the kale was in the oven, I remembered our chickens needed penned up. No biggie. I turned on the porch light and ran outside to do that. The weather is beautiful and the moon is full- I was kinda enjoying the crisp, quiet night.

 Did you know tonight is called the Wolf Moon-I don't really know why or if that is even true but there ya go 

Anyway, I ran down the east steps of our back deck. Closed the coop door. Then came up the west steps of the deck. EXCEPT, someone had left a HUGE piece of wood laying at the foot of the steps (WHY!?!?!?!?!) It was in shadow and I couldn't see it and didn't know it was there to begin with. I was also carrying in the chicken waterer so it wouldn't freeze overnight. So to cut to the chase I tripped over that stupid piece of wood. I skinned both knees, both palms, and both elbows. I landed funny on my right arm and my wrist, elbow, and shoulder are achy (although feeling better at this point). However, I landed funny on my arm because I had the presence of mind to turn my head HARD right as I fell, which caused me to narrowly miss smashing my face into the bottom (concrete) step. But causing me to land on the right shoulder/side of my body but kinda on the left side of my face...on frozen ground. Still the better option but COME ON!

Several hours have passed...The Princess is now in bed (I hope her sleep cap is still on) and I was planning to sew some more. But as the evening has progressed, I have decided that may not be smart (or safe) for me tonight. So I am going to look for kale recipes on pinterest so that I can do something with it before I through it away and then GO TO BED where I am unable to cause damage to myself or others.

Hope you all had a great night!  And I fully recognize (and embrace) the irony that this story is immediately following a post entitled "Professional Motherhood."  But I think life would be very dull if we weren't able to enjoy the irony, embrace the craziness, and laugh at ourselves.  And I don't mind telling on myself every now and again to share a laugh with anyone who may be reading.  :)

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  1. Next time your guys leave you two for a girls' night--just watch a movie and go to bed!

    ouch, feeling for you this morning.

    (and I admit I laughed through a lot of that except the grand fall you had)