Saturday, June 28, 2014

Testing for Yellow Belt!

We've been in TaiKwanDo for nearly a year and today we tested for our third belt.  We all really love learning this and doing it as a family (L has to wait a few more years till she is big enough to join us).  Although, we won't know for sure till Monday, I think we all passed and will get our yellow belts Monday night at class.  Here are some pictures of testing.  (LOTS of pictures!)
We get there early to stretch and run thru things a couple times.

L ready to watch the show.

During opening warm ups, we all do some punches, kicks and blocks in unison (like in the movies -HA!)  This is G.

In the center is A, doing his warm ups

After warming up, everyone is called up in groups of up to 6.  Only like belts are called together.  Here G is ready to start

M standing at attention.

Here A is doing his form...

and M doing his.

And G.  they also have require kicks to demonstrate

The judges pair them off for self defense

and sparring

get 'em G!

The king does his form.

And I do mine.

Then we pair up for self defense and sparring.
He totally kicked my butt while sparring- I am not overly happy about that.  

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