Thursday, June 5, 2014

Today was hair day!

Today was the day to redo L's hair.  I try to get a style to stretch over 2 weeks and sometimes it makes it even longer.  I took out her previous style yesterday, washed and conditioned her hair.  Put it in big braids to stretch the curls and then did this style this afternoon.  It took about an hour and she was not happy by the end (note to self: right before nap is not hair time).  It is one continual two-stranded rope twist starting just above her left ear and looping all around her head into a little bun.  It is great protection for her hair and makes getting her swim cap on very easy.  I can add a flower for decoration!  I'm hoping to make this one last till next friday!  We'll see.

I clearly need to finish my yard work.  Oops!  HA!

She wouldn't look at me and smile.  But she liked sitting in front of our pretty purple flowers!

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