Friday, August 29, 2014

School-Week One!

I make no promises about posting weekly.  For one thing, my camera is busted.  Right now I have a borrowed camera but I'm going to need to return it soon.  It is hard to not have a camera but I want to wait to buy one when I can afford one I really want.  Secondly, promises like that are just made to be broken.

But that isn't what this is about.  Our first week of school was FABULOUS!  We've finished our work each day.  School lasts longer than it has in the past but we have older kids so that day was coming anyway.  Science went great (i didn't get any pictures of our experiments).  We learned about matter, mass, and density.  The kids have jumped into seat work with great attitudes and ready to learn it.  I am so proud of them.

I know that we won't always have great school days.  I know there will be days I want to run away.  I know there will be days where every stinkin thing is a fight and a battle.  But this week, is an encouraging start to the year.  And it shows me that they CAN do all of this.  My expectations are NOT too high.  I had mixed feelings about starting school this fall.  So ready to jump in and yet didn't feel quite prepared.  And it has all gone well.

Now I just need to lesson plan for next week.  HA.  I'll try to get that done by Sunday night.  :)  Next week we will be adding in our 15 minute "dash n stash" and our daily cleaning duties....gonna work to "reset" the house back to mostly clean over the weekend.  Although we jump into school work with both feet, we are taking just a little time to rebuild our school time routine...I can only pray it continues to go this well!

A is coloring "Mitchells map" for history.

Reading the "Mayflower Compact" - see how nice the projector works.  That's on my white board so we can highlight and circle things we're projecting.  I love it!

L is all about the markers these days.  So far she's only used them on paper so that's cool

More map work

G doesn't like to use a chair for school work at the table.  

The car seat is in the living room since we are getting a new van and she likes to sit in it to read her stories.

She picked out some puzzles to do.  And took off her dress.  Sigh.
All three boys are doing some computer learning this year.  G is doing typing here.  They are also learning spanish with Rosetta Stone on the computer.

Spelling "test" time.  

This is my FAVORITE school picture I can ever remember taking....This is what it looks like when 2 boys get ALL their spelling words correct.

working on his model of Jamestown.  This project gave us all some fits.  But we persevered thru it.
G and his finished Jamestown model.  Woot woot
M and his finished model of Jamestown

I don't know why the last 3 pictures won't center....I am done trying to fix it.  HA!  Great week of school in the books!

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