Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Run for my Money!

There are weeks at a time that L gives me (and pretty much everyone) a run for our money.  She is antagonistic, whiny, and just miserable to be around.  It makes life very difficult for her and not great for anyone else....and then she gets over it and becomes a fun, lovely, enjoyable kid again!  We are in a fun fun time so far this week.  (I really thought we'd get to hold off on mood swings till she hit puberty.  sigh)

So in the last few days she has been full of some funny stuff....like this.

We listen to spotify on the computer.  I have a list of worship songs that I love with a few secular songs mixed in.  It spans a BROAD spectrum of music.  Yesterday, the boys were begging to put it on a Luke Brian station so I finally caved and they did....then this conversation happened.

some Luke Brian song starts playing.
M:  Yay!  This song is awesome!
L: I don't like this song
M:  TOO BAD!  (very loudly)

....or this......

Last night at dinner.
L: (to daddy) A, M, and G have clocks in their room
S: yes they do.
Me: she noticed this today.
L: I want a clock
S:  Why?
L: cause I like clocks.
M: I saw a H-E-L-L-O  K-I-T-T-Y one at walmart.
L:  No, I want a pink G-R-F-I-R-S one.

We need to work on her spelling apparently.
......or one more......

And this morning:
L:  Mom is it wintertime?
Me: Yes it is.
L:  So can I wear my pink dress?
Me: (sigh) Yes I guess (she's been wanting to wear this dress and I've been telling her no cause its for winter time-she outsmarted me)
time passes
Me: We need to get shoes on.
L: Can I wear my cowgirl boots?
Me: (resigned and chuckling) Sure why not!

This girl has got a sense of style all her own.  Off we head for the dentist, out to lunch, drum lessons and a playday with friends.  :)

Watch out world!  She is gonna give you all a run for your money too.  I only hope you meet her on a good day!  ;)

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