Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Creation Museum!

ready to hit the museum!!!

We went to 2 movies at the planetarium....
L insisted on her own chair until her legs got tired of hold the chair back

Ready to travel into the cosmos.

Oh my goodness A smiled nicely for a picture!!!

They took time to find the chameleons in the case.

Checking out Dr. Crawlies insects.

So much hands on things makes for fun for the kids.....and the king.  
Butterfly cases.  

Wouldn't be complete without some dinosaurs.

And big fossils too!

Ready to enter the cavern.  :)  So many smiles!!!!!

We got to hunt for fossils in this big wall

L found one.  Wooot!  Woot!!!

This is a poster of the solar system.  We saw this the day after the planetarium.  I didn't really think L paid much attention during the show.  But she told me all about space and how we got to go floating in it (the movie made it feel that way).  I was surprised and impressed.

A in the Garden of Eden!

G visiting a dino in the Garden.

M thinks it's funny it looks like he's gonna get eaten but its really the dino's head and leg.  HA

L in the Garden too.

Noah's ark model.  
 ** There was so much more noah's ark stuff.  But I didn't get many good pictures.  It is my favorite section of the museum so maybe that's why.  The kids really enjoyed an interactive computer game where they answer questions about the building of the ark and every time they got one right, another section was added to the digital ark.  But I don't know what happened to the pictures.  :/

Hotel time is also great!  Since we don't have channels at home they LOVE watching cartoons.  And I love being reminded of the many reason we don't have channels at home.  ;)
You know those little make-up mirrors in hotel bathrooms.  This one cracked me up.  I know I am short but come on.  It was SO far up there....

Happy, sleepy kids on the drive home!
We have now done a long family vacation (to the beach) and several short trips throughout the year and both are so much fun!  Family time is the best time!!!!

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