Monday, December 29, 2014

Freezer Prep Cooking with Friends- part 1 - The recipes!

I thought it would be fun to get together with several other moms and get some good food in the freezer for those days that you just don't have it in you to cook a meal.  I found 4 interested mommas (we need a cool name now) and got to work.

 I chose meals after discussing with the 4 others any food allergies and what they like or dislike.  Thankfully everyone was game to try new things. So after searching the interwebs, hitting some cookbooks, and getting some family favs from some of the moms.  Then doing some math to figure cost for each meal that were contenders....these are the 11 meals we (By 'we' I mean 'I')settled on.

Italian Sausage
Bean Enchiladas
Taco chili
nacho chicken
cowboy beef n beans
chili dogs
chicken lickin
veggie chili
bean and potato soup
german potato soup

All non-linked recipes can be found here  (I am working on the link for the italian sausage)

Although this makes for a short (fairly boring) blog post....this was actually quite challenging.  There are a LOT of recipes out there.  I was trying for variety and low cost.  Also mostly healthy.  Not all of these meet all of the criteria.  But I think it is pretty good all around.  Only 3 of the recipes have I tried before.  I have had similar recipes of 2 more.  The rest are all gambles.  :)

Up next.  the grocery list....this part took a LONG time!   

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