Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Freezer Prep Cooking with Friends - part 2- The Plan!

So a quick recap.....

I found 4 friends who want to prep with me (still working on a name).  And determined nobody had any food allergies and were pretty much game for trying new things.  (YAY!)  Then I got to searching.  Seriously, LOTS of recipes!  LOTS!

Reviewing what we will prep this time....recipes can be found here

Italian Sausage
Bean Enchiladas
Taco chili
nacho chicken
cowboy beef n beans
chili dogs
chicken lickin
veggie chili
bean and potato soup
german potato soup

Here is my grocery list.  I also did a cost analysis using prices from Aldi and Walmart (so I could give the other moms an accurate estimate of cost).  That is going to be different depending on where you live so I took that part out for this doc  Across the top are the meals we prepped for.  Down the sides are all the ingredients we would have to buy.  I did not include spices as I keep those in bulk in my kitchen.  This doc gives the ingredients for ONE family.  So I multiplied everything by 5 at the store.  :)  If you are shopping for multiple families don't forget to check bulk options and compare price per unit.  It was cheaper per unit to buy a BIG can (like 7 lbs I think) of baked beans but the tomato sauce was cheaper per unit in little 8 oz cans.  Do not try to apply logic while in walmart....it is futile.

 I've been working on the plan since about Thanksgiving to find recipes that offered variety and options and stayed at my goal price point. After doing the shopping this weekend, my time and work paid off and I stayed RIGHT on budget.  Each family will spend $55 total or $5 per meal which is at or less than $1/serving.  Several of the meals are complete.  A few do have some basics that will be needed for serving.

Here is the list of spices needed for all of these recipes....

bay leaf
caraway seeds (we are likely leaving this out)
dried minced onion
chili powder
ground ginger
garlic salt
red pepper flakes
onion powder
garlic powder
cajun seasoning

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  1. Love the 'links' to the recipes and menu! Great...the way you are writing this, I can feel the enthusiasm all the way into my home. Awesome!