Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas 2014!

This is later than it should be.  But there was a lot of stuff going on....

I don't have as many pictures of christmas as usual because I was playing with the kids and involved rather than trying to get the best picture.  But there are a few!  OK more than I expected!

We decorated christmas cookies at Nanny's house....they were almost all eaten as they came outta the oven.  Just as it should be ;)

Ready to open presents Christmas eve!

My Charlie's Angels, err um, tough guys ready to go play some air soft.  (those are air soft pistols not real ones so take a deep breath if you are worried)

Christmas morning.

hhhhhhm  everyone is very serious about this present opening thing

YES!!  Sonic screwdrivers for EVERYONE!

And another game of air soft.  This time with Uncle G (who had to work on christmas eve during the first game)

We had a great Christmas!  Lots of fun and food, friends and family.  Hope yours was just as great!!!

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