Thursday, January 22, 2015

Trip to Franklin Tennessee!!!!

The King was attending a class at Financial Peace Plaza for his job the last few days.  The kids and I tagged along and filled our days with Civil War Museums/homes/battlefields and the Science Center in Nashville.  It was a wonderful trip!  Now for pictures!  There are LOTS of them!

First stop the Carnton House grounds.  This historic plantation served as a hospital during and after the Battle of Franklin.  We did not go inside but walked the grounds seeing the smoke house, slave quarters and the battle fields around the home.

The Confederate Cemetery located at Carnton House.

Walking the battlefields around Carnton.

The Princess and I on the walk.  I just LOVE this picture!

Fun at the science center!

L was OBSESSED with this car.  OBSESSED

Moon walk.  

Another moon walker.
Even I walked on the moon.  The kids were way better at it than I was.

This was in an exhibit of the digestive system.  The slide was the large intestine and when you popped out the end it made a big fart noise.  

Another piece of Poo.

Everyone did the slide.  

Future dr????

Silly silly silly!

And finally she sleeps!  

We also visited Carter House which was at the center of the Battle of Franklin.  The boys were uber impressed with the canons.

The outbuildings (this is the smoke house) were FULL of bullet holes.  According to the workers this building and the farm office next to it are the most bullet hole filled buildings that are still standing from the civil war.  

Sitting on the porch of Carter house.  Just to the right is a staircase leading down into the basement where the family (mom, dad, and 4 children) hid during the battle raging around in their yard.  

Stretched our legs in Metropolis and visited Superman!

And totally discovered a tardis (and a Doctor Who themed comic book store) just down the road from Superman.

We had such a wonderful trip and although he isn't in any pictures, the King was there.  He was just in class during the days.  The kids learned and had fun!  Homeschooling and "vacation" WIN!!!!  Now back to real life!

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