Thursday, May 7, 2015

Stitch Fix #3!

So I missed blogging about fix #2.  I really should hunt up some photos of what I got but realistically....not gonna happen.  But here is fix #3.

And again....I am so so awkward at posing.  blech.  Just look at the clothes.  And I don't have ANY summer shoes....and my kids leave crap on the porch.  Seriously, just look at the clothes.

Liverpool - shorts ($58) - These shorts are AMAZING!  Perfect amount of stretch and a length I like!
Skies are Blue top ($48)  - Never would have pulled this shirt of a rack.  It is off white and very feminine with embroidery.  Not my usual.  It is so comfy and I love it with these shorts.  Sometimes its good to get out of the box.

Skies are Blue ($48) - This shirt is right up my alley.  Exactly something I would grab if out and about shopping

Pixley ($64)  Ok, so I still ahve mixed feelings about this skirt.  It has a really pretty cut out pattern that is not easily visible in the picture.  It is a pretty green color.  But it isn't my favorite piece.  I don't have any shirt to wear with it but will grab something when out shopping with a friend later this month.  It is a great skirt....just not my favorite thing.

Skies are Blue ($44) -  I pulled this dress outta the box and thought no freakin way.  I tend to avoid things that cinch at the waist...And purple, especially THIS purple is never something I'm drawn to) Then I put it on and it skims, it twirls, it is awesome.  I LOVE it!!!!!

So for anyone who is unaware of the awesomeness that is stitch fix this is how it works.  
  • Visit stitch fix   and sign up for an acct.  (I get credit, which I REALLY appreciate, if you click thru this link)
  • fill out the lengthy survey so they know what you like.
  • then when you are ready you pay $20 for a stylist to pick out 5 items to send you.
  • You get the items with cards to give you a couple ideas on how to wear (dress up and dress down) each item.  
  • You have 3 days to try on the clothes with things in your closet.  If you send things back, they go in a postage paid envelope and into the mail....easy peasy.   
  • YOu log back into your acct and pay for those things that you decide to keep.  and leave detailed notes as to what you thought of each item.  
  • Then you try to wait a reasonable amount of time to order your next one so your husband doesn't put a clincher on your fun  ;)

Things to note.  If people sign up thru your link you get a $25 credit the first time they order.  AND if you keep all 5 things you get a 25% discount on the total order.  With those 2 handy dandy things I was able to snag all 5 pieces in my fix for $126.50. 

 I might have sent the skirt back but it cost the same amount to keep it.  I did make a note that it wasn't my favorite thing when I checked out.  I do like it.  I just don't love it and it was the priciest item they it wouldn't have been worth keeping.  My mom however, loves it and she got a really cute denim pencil skirt in hers....we might swap!  ;)

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