Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kitchen Reno Day 1!

This has been a long time in the making.  I've been dreaming and planning and waiting and saving (and nagging) for a new kitchen for a couple years.  In the last few weeks we've been pricing out options and figuring things out and today the work began......
The Before of what used to be the living room and will be the dining room now.  I am standing at the front door

My totally gross, cluttered kitchen.  it is so hard to know where to put things when you are doing demo....and finding time to do the demo AND clean up the mess is hard.  Demo won today.
From the sliding glass door into the wall that we are working on today.  cabinets doors are open because the cabinets are empty  (except the 2 that you can see that have just fallen off)

First step....remove base cabinet....all by myself.  Fun stuff

G gets in on some removing trim with the pry bar action...

A steps up to get some more trim down

M could not be outdone
(yes he is wearing swim goggles---actually Minion swim goggles to be more specific --He couldn't find his safety glasses)

The little closet had to go.  May have practiced some side kicks on the paneling....
My good friend came over to help.  If we ever need jobs we are going to start a demo business (maybe we'll learn how to rebuild too) called "I'll just do it myself"

Cabinets, closet and all paneling is gone.  Ready for this stud wall to come out on Friday....need help from the King and my dad.  Have to put in a 16 (ish) foot header so the ceiling stays put when the wall comes out.  

Now I need to go rest and ice (do something)to my hammer swinging arm so that I can make it thru TKD tonight.
Hopefully I'll have good pictures of the studs gone and the header up in a couple days.  

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