Monday, June 29, 2015

Kitchen reno - Cabinets and shelves and messes-oh my

Thankfully there is a point in a project where you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  And I think we can see it.  

When I got back from the girls trip to PA, the cabinets were in the living room and half were set into place.  It was so exciting to see the vision of my bar actually in place....completely ready for counters.  The rest of the cabinets needed some prep work to get into place.  Namely yanking the sink out.  That is also now done.

Electrical ran in the bar and the cabinets in place.  I can finally see the bar that I've been seeing in my brain!!!!  And it is as great as I'd expected!  :)
These 3 little pipes held us up for a couple days.   But with parts from a local business (who I ordered the cabinets thru),  and help from my dad and a friend who is a plumber- I finally got it done.  We will have to buy a new trap and drain....and some pipe to plumb in the sink but it shouldn't be much. 

Now that the plumbing is done, we could get the sink cabinet and the rest of this wall of cabinets into place.
Just inside the pantry I was able to hang my aprons!  Its the perfect place for them.  :)
The king installed some of the shelves in the pantry.  They are sturdy enough he can sit on them.  :)
My pantry is filling up.  Still needs a few more shelves up high.
See all that space left up high.  That space makes me HAPPY!

This mess makes me SAD!  It was kinda organized but then we'd need something and dig and it got a mess.  And then we started taking shelves off the wall (because they became the pantry shelves-they are SO solid and perfect)...but that stuff got piled on top.  This picture makes me want to cry a little bit

Oh the mess....I'm going to try to work on it today.  But the cabinets a lot of it goes into all have pull out shelves that were I'm waiting for those.  Thankfully we aren't trying to use the woodstove.  hehe

The boys had taken all the boxes and put them in their room to build things with.  I wasn't sure how I was going to get them out of there without a huge fight.  Then they decided to build a fort on the porch in the rain.  Win/Win!  Yay

The nice ladies at Steve Jones came out and measured for my counters this morning (YAY!) and I'm slowing getting the cabinets lined and filled.  I feel like I am REALLY learning the adage that "it gets worse before it gets better."  :)

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