Friday, June 26, 2015

Took the Girls to Lancaster County PA!!!

My grandparents live just outside Amish Country in Pennsylvania.  They have never met L or my neices (D & d).  I haven't seen them in several years and haven't been to PA since I was little.  All of this equalled a girls trip out.  And boy was it FUN!

Nanny, H (my sister) and I took the three girls (ages 4, 3 and 1) on an about 12 hour drive to Lancaster.  We split it into 2 days both directions.  The girls did SO great!

Meeting great grandpa!

He chatted and they stared.  

Grandma and Grandpa were tricky.  They brought books and presents....

And M&Ms.

They are pretty cool people with books and M&Ms.  :)

D spent a lot of time holding her hose.  A. LOT. of time!   

H & d chillin before our buggy ride

D (still holding her nose), L and Nan waiting on the buggy ride

Me and L ready for the ride

L got to drive the horses....She is concentrating hard!

Duchess and Traveler took us on a nice drive around the country.  :)

Heading for some shopping

We got purses with crayons on a bus tour.  :)

And we loved feeding the ducks/fish at the pond at our hotel!

Seriously, we had the nicest trip.  Hotels in Wheeling and West Chester (there and back) were SO nice!  And West Chester was right next to IKEA!  (which we probably did on purpose-HAHA!)  And the "Amish resort" we stayed at in Bird in Hand was ideal for a trip with kids.  Such a fun time!

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