Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kitchen ?????

So I went on a trip (pictures to come) with my mom, sister and our girls.  When I got back the kitchen had undergone a lot of changes....which I didn't get pictures for so you'll just have to wait.  hehe

Then we got to the last (and most dreaded) section....the sink.  So once this is out I have no kitchen sink till the counters are ordered and it can all be installed....
Turned the water off to the sink and cut the lines....and the drain lines.  We are now without a kitchen sink

Old cabinet is out.

The existing plumbing.  We cut the trap and all out of the will all be replace.  There is a pipe running toward the fridge for the icemaker (which we do not use) and another heading the other direction for a dishwasher which we do not have.  Those both need to go so we can cut SMALL holes in the bottom of the sink cabinet to get it into place.  We do not have this plumbing

So I apparently measured wrong and there is 6 inches too much cabinet.  Thankfully this little wall is the only thing in the way so we can create the wiggle room we need.  More demo.

The paint line behind the fridge is where that wall was....Gonna have to do something about that.

The sink cabinet (and friends) as close to in place as they can get until I get parts tomorrow.  Hopefully we'll be able to order counters and the sink by the end of this week.  

Coming home from a trip with the bar and electrical in place was AWESOME!  Pulling the sink and hitting snags was discouraging.  Hopefully we'll be able to get back on track tomorrow night.

Right now I am sitting on my couch and looking at the kitchen....and I can SEE how great it is going to be!  We aren't on the coasting downhill stage yet but I can see the top of the mountain at this point.  Getting ready to order counters is TOP on the list right now (no sink till we can get counters).  Up next, while we wait for counters, is pantry shelving, shelf paper in all the new cabinets, lighting and putting things away.  Bring it!

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