Sunday, July 26, 2015


Yes I am yelling!  You would be too!

We lived without the sink and plywood as countertop for about 3 weeks and that was plenty long.   Thankfully, one was on vacation so that helped.  :)  We used a ton of paper products and just as much convenience food.  And my waist line shows it.  :(  But we are back in business.

Thankfully the sink hole wasn't cut at the factory as I'd hoped.  There was this much space around the entire template.  

Pappy did a test hole right in the middle.  The biggest risk here is that we'll have big chips.  He marked on the wrong side and then duct taped each line on the good side to try to prevent that.

Here we go.  I was SOOOOOO anxious. 

slowly but surely.  Ack!

Whew!  Hole is cut....there are no chips and it appears to match up with the cabinet as it should....

And the sink FITS!  YAY!!!

Its all plumbed in and I've even used it a few times by now.  Its so deep and I just love it!  Also peek at the window back there....then look back at the last picture.  We ripped out that ugly orange "wood look" junk that was ugly (its worth saying twice) and had water damage.  And put in new white pieces there.  Such a BIG difference.

Sneak peek at our tile choice for backsplash.  Its gonna be really pretty....but we've gotta get the tool and figure out how to cut it.  :/

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  1. Love the countertop, sink and view from the window!!! It's so fun to get new stuff!!!