Friday, September 25, 2015

Kitchen is DONE!!!

Ok, so as I was taking these pictures I noticed we missed a piece of trim and an outlet cover...but is DONE!  (those things won't take much time and there is no construction mess to cook/work around).  the rest is just pictures!
Im standing at the end of the CLEAN bar.  I LOVE the counters we got!  LOVE!

Standing at the front door. there used to be a wall where the bar is.  So crazy how open it is now. 

The "beam" above the bar is the center of our modular.  We had to have it for support...I got to decorate for fun!  I wish the picture was better. :(  A photographer I am not!)

This was the living room and rarely used (we also had a family room)  Now its a well used dining room  Since we homeschool our school station is in this room.  I love the 4 clipboards on either side of my small white board.  The kids paint each week to illustrate a classic poem and now I have a place to swap out their artwork and display it.  :)

These are 2 pieces of blown glass that the boys made on a vacation a couple years ago.  They get a prime spot over the bar. (and my mom learned the hard way that you can't say things like "Oh, this will be a perfect spot to hang the boys' balls!" and not have a household of boys collapse in hysterical laughter)

I finally got the mug rack to work the way I wanted.  And my kit kat clock gets a prime spot.  

No upper cabinets.  It is awesome!  I do not miss them at all!

There is no actual door on my pantry.  Because it is L shaped the stuff is mostly hidden.  And we decided it was likely the door would never be closed anyway.  So my apron collection takes a spot on the short wall to add color and "art" and make the need for a door less.  I LOVE this pantry!

Instead of upper cabinets we have shelves.  The brackets are a pinterest find and made with pipe fittings.  

Long shot.  (that light in the foreground will HAVE to go but I don't have a replacement for it yet)

overview of the whole thing

So my picture wall had to move.  I need to paint the frames but I'm glad the pictures have a new home.

Another picture wall.  All formal pictures or art. 

I wish my photography skills were better.  I am THRILLED with how the whole thing came together.  THRILLED!  There is just nothing I would change.  I love the openness and how usable all the spaces are now.  I also love that all of the decor that I kept tells a story.  Very little of it is random.  That is just perfect to me.  

I just had a tupperware party and will be "pimping out my pantry" with nice new tupperware for all my bulk storage.  That is why everything is so clean - company was coming over.  Its been 2 days and nothing looks like it does in the pictures already :/  I am looking forward to reworking the containers in the pantry and making the most of that already awesome space!