Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lessons from the Chicken Coop!

So it has been a crazy few months.....where blogging didn't happen.  But that's ok.   This morning I learned a lesson while taking care of my "critters" and I thought I would share.

We have a small flock of chickens (7 hens and a rooster plus 3 guineas), 2 goats and a pig.  We also have a cow who lives across the road with my uncle's donkey and a shared miniature horse.  One of the reasons we have a little farm is so that we can grow/raise the food that we eat.  So most of the critters are expected to "earn their keep."  The pig and the cow live full, well fed lives and will be butchered for their meat.  The goats are both expecting and will provide milk for us once they freshen and the babies are weaned (I am SO excited about goat babies).  The donkey is not mine although he does provide much entertainment and the miniature pony was given to us and the kids love him (so they kinda get by on their looks-HA!)

And then we come to the chickens....their "job" is to provide eggs.  And they've been slacking.  Hens need daylight to lay so a decrease in egg production isn't unexpected but its like they've mutinied.  Recently, I've been lucky to get an egg a day... not cool ladies.  I've increased their feed (they free range but this time of year there is less to find) and offered them homemade suet.  I'm considering starting a meal worm farm to give them as protein filled treats.  They are happy about these developments.  But I've not seen any increase in egg production.

And then this morning while I was outside I decided to move the goats hay feeder.  It was a little close the door to the barn and with all the rain the last few days it was getting damp (not cool!).  And there mixed in with all that hay was a STASH of eggs.  I've collected them all and I'll check the for freshness with the "float test," and then mark them so I know to crack the in a separate bowl to make sure they are good before using them.  So the hens have paid their debts!

As I was finishing up the chores and enjoying the morning quiet, I was thinking (sometimes dangerous I'll admit).  How often do we wonder why God is not giving us a desire of our heart?  How often do we think "Why won't __________ happen for me?"  Why can't I find a better job?  Why does that other person get all the luck?  Why can't I have a new house or better car?  When the entire time its not that it isn't happening....its that we are looking for the answer in the WRONG place.  My chickens were not slacking....I was looking in the wrong place.

And my God is WAY better than my chickens.  He provides an abundance of what we need if we look in the right place.  A new job, a bigger house, and better car,  better "luck" can all be found if we look for it in Him!

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