Friday, February 20, 2015

Stitch Fix!

So a friend of mine uses this service and I decided to try it because of 2 reasons....

1.  I hate my clothes and
2. I also hate shopping and the mall.

My clothes all came from resale or freesale and are just thrown together....many of them need thrown away from wearing them around the house with kids and cooking and animals and life.  Many of them are out of date looking.  Seriously....not good clothes.  (I'm going to be emtying my closet and throwing things away/donating them because if my options are go shopping or go naked- I think I'll dread shopping less....)

But shopping.  the mall.  Ugh.  There is nothing exciting about that....I mean, there are so many people there.  And it smells.  So I ordered a stitch fix.

And. it. is. awesome.

So this is what I got (Please be kind I HATE posing for a camera and I am so awkward!)

This jean jacket is great!  But the sleeves are way too long.  

I LOVE this shirt.  When I saw it in the box I thought "What on earth?" cause never in a million years would I have tried this on in a store. The pattern is fun and I like the colors.  I think a coral skirt/pants would be so great!

However, look how much better it looks when I clothespin a bunch of extra shirt fabric in the back.  So it's also too big.  

Mom totally flipped over this coral sweater.  it is lightweight and a beautiful color, with a really pretty "lace" pattern....but I feel very boxy in it and its, again, just too big.

I love this blue dress.  (And I'm being silly for the little girls in the room).  It is comfy and cute.  However, it has a little damage in one seam....waiting for a response on if I can get a discount on it for damage.  If I can, then it's staying....if I can't, it'll have to go back.  which will make me sad!

one of the cool things I really like about this service is that I get to try the new things on with clothes I already have....and not guess about how it will look with that one scarf or those pants.  I like this dress with this teal scarf.  :)

This skirt is what I flipped over when I opened my box.  And it is absolute perfection.  It is comfy and the perfect length.  It is also a heavier weight so I think it will hold its shape really well.  It will be perfect for travel!  In short.  I am in LOVE!  
Just for fun I threw it on with a light gray button down and scarf I had in my closet.  Not my favorite look but it isn't horrible but I still bet I never wear it this way. (I feel like I should like the button down thing but find that I really do not!)

So now I've ordered and got my fix and tried everything on.  I have 3 business days to stick what I don't want in the envelope they provided and stick it in my mailbox.  I also log on to the website and leave reviews about each item.  Specific ones.  So that they can learn more about me and what I like for my next fix.  (except I'm waiting to hear back about a discount on that dress).  I am also going to change my shirt size in my profile because clearly the size I entered is too large.  

As far as prices.  I paid $20 to order the fix itself.  That $20 goes toward any item that you keep.  Each item I got fell into the $50-$60 range.  If you keep all 5 items you get 25% discount which would have essentially made one item free.  Had they all fit I would have wanted to do that.  :)

Ready for my next fix!!!  If you want to order one, please use this link.  I will get a credit the first time you have a fix shipped.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bottomless pit!

The boys are entering that age (they are 11, 9, and 7)where apparently, eating like I do isn't gonna cut it anymore.  A good breakfast, light lunch, and family supper leaves for whiny, hangry (yes I said hangry-it's in the urban dictionary) kids all afternoon.  I'm trying to figure out how to feed them and not spend every single waking hour in the kitchen (cause it doesn't feel like there are very many more I could devote in there).

So today at lunch, (which was sandwiches, chips, and pickles), I asked them what new things they want to have for lunch....I said it seems like what we are having is never quite enough to fill them up so I wanna try having some more filling things so their bellies are full.

G immediately said "biscuits n gravy"  Cool I can do that!

Then A piped in "we should have a buffet."
Me:  "what exactly do you mean, a buffet?"
A: "You put out a bunch of different things and we pick what we want to eat.  Make sure it is all you can eat!"
Me: !?!?!?
Sigh.  This might be harder than I thought.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I think he might be faking....

Some stomach bug has been slowly cycling through the family the last few weeks....this morning I wake up to this conversation.

A:  Mom I feel horrible.  Wanna hear just how I feel?
me: (sitting down) ok.  tell me how you feel.
A: I feel like someone popped out my eyeballs and put them back in, and my chest hurts.  And it feels like my guts have been scrambled.
me:  Well, that is bad buddy.  I'll message your teacher and cancel drum lessons.
A:  (in a depressed voice)  OK.  Can I have rice for breakfast?  
me:  ??????????????

He is on the couch ALL day.  If he's sick he's going to rest.  all.  day.  long.  Since school work is all sitting down work though, we'll still be doing school.  I just made myself my first small pot of coffee in more than 2 weeks.  I have a feeling I'm going to need it.   

But....I really think he might be faking....