Tuesday, September 10, 2013

From the mouths of babes...

Yesterday, we heard some thunder.  (no rain of course-sigh)  But the thunder was pretty loud.

And the little princess comes up with her eyes popped wide and says

"Momma, tunder"
Me: "yep"
Princess:  "take a picture of da tunder"
Me: "honey, I can't really take a picture of the thunder.  It won't work"
Princess:  "mooooo-ooooooom puweeeeeeeez"

Well darlin, I'm just not sure how to or what to do about that.  ;)

This morning G comes in to tell me his morning chores are done (bed, clothes, teeth).  This is what I learned.

G:  My morning chores are done. I used minty instead of strawberry (toothpaste).
Me:  Oooo, are you getting ready for Awana and the pretty girls there?
G: (grinning sheepishly and then looking confused):  Girls like strawberries.
Me:  Can't argue with that.

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