Friday, September 6, 2013

Vacation Part 3: Dolphin Cruise and Glass blowing

This is pretty self explanatory.  We went on a dolphin cruise.  It was fun but I was a bit disappointed.  Although we saw dolphins in certainly wasn't Sea World.  I wanted them to jump and they just didn't.

We also found an art studio where the boys (we had to kinda fudge G's age and make him 2 months older) could blow glass.  They each made a beautiful piece of glass work that are now decorating my library and kitchen. woot woot.

Now to pictures!!!
making petals for the flower
now he gets to do it.

getting the glass hot.  It is kept in an oven that runs 2100* F  The artist at the Hot Shop, Adam was FABULOUS with the kids!

blowing air to make the globe.  See it forming at the end.

getting ready to blow.  It was hard because the pipe was continually rotating.  They had to make a tight seal around it and blow while moving with the motion of the pipe.  

After glass blowing, we were checking out this restaurant that looked a little too fancy for us (white table clothes and real glasses-YIKES!)  The manager (in green in the pic below) came out and said some on in....we let the kids make their own pizzas.  And the white table cloths are PAPER to COLOR ON!  SOLD!  

adding toppings and cheese.  This was our best and least expensive meal of the whole trip (except that it was SO awesome we left a really good tip!!!)  ;)

driving the boat.  

This one said "Hang on mom while I drive.  I'm gonna try to crash it."  HA!

He took his job seriously.

She set the autopilot. 

The King and I even got a turn!  

And our last vacation picture is our family picture (that I asked some lady on the beach to take for us!)
We had a great trip and I am so so so glad we went.  It was just a perfect ending to summer.  We're trying to decide where we'll go next.  The King thinks maybe head west.  I'm not sure.  As much as we loved the beach, we want to see new things and experience a new place.

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