Saturday, October 5, 2013

Missed a week! But here are some pics.

I'm not going to say much and get right to the pictures.  Pictures are worth 1000 words after all!  These are in no specific order....
This week we had a guest student for 3 days.  She has been adopted from Mexico and is hearing impaired....learned and used sign language all week.  And really enjoyed spending time with her.

L is studio ready.  

We got to go to a birthday party at a gym that we love.  The boys party is booked there for later this month.  (I did try getting action shots but every one of them is a blur)

Field trip at a local apple orchard.  L hitched a ride up the BIG hill and I worked up a sweat.

Feeding the fainting goats at the apple orchard.  On a side note: fainting goats are hysterical.

playing with a baby lamb.  So sweet and soft while on the field trip

We made challah bread for social studies as an example of Jewish culture....everyone helped.  (I really wish L would smile for pictures)

Everyone got to knead and roll the bread for braiding.  

Finished challah bread.  YUM!

We also learned about life in an Ancient Roman town.  One of the several projects we did was designing Roman mosaic tiles.  M is just getting started

A is working on a second one....(see the images on the wall-we got the projector out and are using it for school-it took WAY too long to think of this.  It is great!!!!)

So there it is.  A few pictures to represent the last couple weeks in life at our house.  

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