Tuesday, October 1, 2013


We went to Gulf Shores, AL for vacation at the end of August.  On the drive down, one of the "distractions" from so many hours in the car that I had in my bag of tricks was fake mustaches.  They stuck on and they were HUGE hits (much to my surprise, honestly).  A wore his off and on the whole week we were there until it fell apart.  We let the kids do things like that.  It doesn't hurt anything and, lets be honest, it is hysterical.

We drew the line on Sunday morning when we found a church to visit.  There we required a certain level of respect and that does not include a stick on mustache.

So I bet you are wondering where the funny part comes in....a friend shared this link this morning on facebook.  It is a map showing the 2 weirdest laws in each state.  Many of them are funny (although not all are kid appropriate)....read Alabama's 2 weird laws.  :)  And A might remember that sometimes mom and dad just need to be obeyed.  Hehehehehe

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