Thursday, October 31, 2013


So I'm a week late with my photo dump.  Life happens and we've all been a little under the weather.  Lots of nose blowing and coughing and snuggling going on.  But we've still been running around like crazy....hopefully starting tomorrow we'll be able to hang low, do extra school work, and still have a chance to keep recovering.....anyway, here they are in whatever order blogger loaded them in.  I don't have the time to sort....but I will caption
L was a "fairy" for halloween this year.  I've never shopped for girl costumes so we had to kinda make do since I won't put a 2 yr old in a costume that looks like it belongs near a pole.  I'll start early and make her a costume next year.

M was Captain American....

G as Iron Man

A as Robin Hood.

A did a "live in program" at Lincoln Log Cabin recently.  He is the boy in the stocking cap and the red plaid shirt.  They got to live like pioneers for a few hours.  He loved it.

We painted pumpkins instead of carving this year

another pumpkin painter

L and G working some pumpkin painting magic

We had the boys birthday party at our favorite gym...I took pics of the action but they are all blurry.

The King and I had a chance to go ziplining with another couple.  We didn't mess with cameras while ziplining but this was the entrance to the ranch where we went.  SO MUCH FUN!

Llama farm field trip.  
There ya have it.  All the pics I can get my stupid slow internet to load today....:)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How time flies when you're having fun!!

It has been 2 weeks since I've posted anything on here.  How did that even happen?  (well, I really know that answer....I am chasing my tail most days).  I'll try to do a photo dump the end of this week.

But more is "gotcha day!"  We've had L at home for one whole year.  ONE. WHOLE. YEAR.  How did THAT even happen?

One year ago today we...

...had gotten into Kansas at like 1 in the morning the night before and still didn't sleep much. up early to find a target/walmart or something to buy a car seat and groceries for in the hotel. (trying to                 keep busy while we waited some more)
...waited to hear from the social worker about when we would be able to meet/get her.
...met L at the agency's office.  She came right to me but not the King.
...had to take her immediately to a dr that none of us knew. (I hated that part)
...discovered we would get to meet first mom the next day.
...fell in love with a little girl.

In the last year we....

....bought a bunch of clothes.  She grew through 3 sizes last year....and she's a girl!  ;)
....potty trained (I think we finally got it)
....learned how to do hair very very different from my own.
....celebrated L's second birthday
...experienced the "terrible twos"
....became a family of 6
....enjoyed our first family vacation as a family of 6.
....answered more stupid questions from complete strangers than imaginable
   (Is she adopted?  seriously people! - One day I'm gonna answer "Nope, I had an affair with the mailman!")

L has shown us....
....girls like superheros too.
....and they can "rassle" with the big boys.
....mood swings start early.  ;) do opinions about clothes.
....the best thing to do in a car is sing 2 lines of the same song over and over and over and over again.                 LOUDLY!
....toddlerhood is fun albeit a little hard sometimes too.
...Kids are resilient....shockingly so.

The adoption journey has been an amazing one for our family.  It was a long, long wait.  Each of those years of waiting felt like a lifetime (see our story here).  Now that the waiting part is over, time is FLYING again.  It is crazy!  Life is crazy!  And it's even crazier when you have 4 little ones at home.   Speaking of which, I'm gonna go join them....if I don't I might miss something.

If anyone reading this is unsure or has serious questions about adoption...the process, how it worked for us, whatever.  Please Please Please ask me.  I am an open book to those considering this option for their families.   I can't answer all questions....but I can tell you what it looked like for us.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Missed a week! But here are some pics.

I'm not going to say much and get right to the pictures.  Pictures are worth 1000 words after all!  These are in no specific order....
This week we had a guest student for 3 days.  She has been adopted from Mexico and is hearing impaired....learned and used sign language all week.  And really enjoyed spending time with her.

L is studio ready.  

We got to go to a birthday party at a gym that we love.  The boys party is booked there for later this month.  (I did try getting action shots but every one of them is a blur)

Field trip at a local apple orchard.  L hitched a ride up the BIG hill and I worked up a sweat.

Feeding the fainting goats at the apple orchard.  On a side note: fainting goats are hysterical.

playing with a baby lamb.  So sweet and soft while on the field trip

We made challah bread for social studies as an example of Jewish culture....everyone helped.  (I really wish L would smile for pictures)

Everyone got to knead and roll the bread for braiding.  

Finished challah bread.  YUM!

We also learned about life in an Ancient Roman town.  One of the several projects we did was designing Roman mosaic tiles.  M is just getting started

A is working on a second one....(see the images on the wall-we got the projector out and are using it for school-it took WAY too long to think of this.  It is great!!!!)

So there it is.  A few pictures to represent the last couple weeks in life at our house.  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


We went to Gulf Shores, AL for vacation at the end of August.  On the drive down, one of the "distractions" from so many hours in the car that I had in my bag of tricks was fake mustaches.  They stuck on and they were HUGE hits (much to my surprise, honestly).  A wore his off and on the whole week we were there until it fell apart.  We let the kids do things like that.  It doesn't hurt anything and, lets be honest, it is hysterical.

We drew the line on Sunday morning when we found a church to visit.  There we required a certain level of respect and that does not include a stick on mustache.

So I bet you are wondering where the funny part comes in....a friend shared this link this morning on facebook.  It is a map showing the 2 weirdest laws in each state.  Many of them are funny (although not all are kid appropriate) Alabama's 2 weird laws.  :)  And A might remember that sometimes mom and dad just need to be obeyed.  Hehehehehe