Saturday, January 25, 2014

Family Game Night!!!

 So we haven't had one of these lately that didn't involve Wii games.  And I don't play Wii games.  Sooooo, does that really count as a family game night?  ......don't answer that.

But the King got (from me) the game Settlers of Catan for Christmas.  And we decided to teach it to the kids and see how they did.  M, A, and I played on our own and G and the King teamed up.  L sat at the table and played Hello Kitty apps on the Ipad.  A fun time was had by all.  A got a little sulky that he didn't win.  And G wants to play all by himself but he just isn't big enough.  M thinks its the best game ever.

Actually, at the end of the game,we were telling M that it would have been better if he traded cards a different way rather than what he did.  His response...."It doesn't really matter cause I'm getting ready to win."  Then he built a city and the game was over.

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