Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fitness Challenge and Weekend prep work.

It is becoming more and more clear that if I am going to eat healthy, I need to do prep work on the weekend.  If I think/plan to do it during the week, it just doesn't happen (case in point-last week).  I never got any of the veggies or anything that I bought prepped to eat.  So I didn't eat them.

So this weekend, I prepped for the week.  And this is what I"ve got all ready in my fridge and pantry...

carrots, celery, and peppers (sliced and ready to go)
Blue Cheese dip
energy bites
protein cookies  (I leave out the protein powder which lowers the protein but no added sugar or flour so still good)
English muffins (yes I make these- I make almost all our bread products)
hard boiled eggs
salads (lettuce, black olives, radishes, carrots, blue/feta cheese, oil and vinegar dressing, etc etc etc)
Laughing Cow cheese
Chipotle Style Black Beans
Chipotle Brown Rice
Chipotle Chicken
yogurt -still gotta make this tomorrow.  I just ran out of time and energy.

These foods are for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.  I eat with the rest of the family every evening.  I try to eat what they eat (it really bothers the kids when I eat something different) at supper time.  I feel like I might actually be starting ahead of the game this week with good options for breakfast, lunch, and snacks all set up.

For the kids (and the King) I am making some chocolate chip cookies too.  :)  (I hope to stay out of them with my healthier, but still containing chocolate chips, options)

I also just finished Day 26 of the Bikini Body Mommy challenge.  I sure hope to see results on Tuesday or Wednesday which is my next weigh in and measure day.  Cause the workouts are hard and although I hoped to start enjoying them....I really don't.  I like feeling strong, and I love my accountability group.  I do not like making myself exercise every day....I'd rather tone my arms, slim my waist and firm up my butt while sitting in a chair searching for recipes and craft projects on Pinterest....alas, that doesn't work so I sweat.  :/

What are you eating this week?  (I'm thinking about doing a photo journal of my meals this week-I am that excited about them)  :)

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