Thursday, February 6, 2014

Heard this week....

We went grocery shopping on Monday.  Car time is a time when we often hear things...funny things....from the mouths of our children.  Monday was no exception.

M:  "Mom, when I grow up should I be a bull rider, a mad scientist, or work in a lame-o office?"
Me:  "Well, I don't think bull rider is a great job choice for you.  I think you make a fabulous scientist but if you work in an office and provide for your family that is totally cool too"
M:  "I think I'll invent an invisible jet pack."
Me; "Mmm hmm"
M: (clearly talking to himself at this point)  "I could be a superhero"  ......long pause.....
        "Gonna need that jet pack."

I. did. not. laugh.  (which is proof that you do not need an invisible jet pack to have superpowers)  ;)

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