Friday, February 21, 2014

Life in pictures

Lots of pictures this week.....not much else to say!

Practicing Twinkle twinkle little star (clearly shoes and shirt are optional)

drummer boy.  We opened a can of worms with this one and I love it!

We do chemistry on mondays....this monday we tested the pH of several liquids we found in the pantry.  

Oh sweet mother of gluing.  While the boys used the cut and glue method to label a crayfish, L used glue to fully saturate felt letters and stick them to pretty much everything.  :)  (See those orange and yellow scissors in the lower right corner - BEST TODDLER scissors EVER)

G and a happy school moment.  :)

We got out some different "tot trays" this week.  Here L is sorting different shapes of noodles in an ice cube tray.  She also strung them on a pipe cleaner.

Giant lacing (Those are pool noodles cut into beads)
 Sometimes boys just don't wanna sit and do school work.  I'm not sure at what point sitting became necessary to learn.  Boys are boys are boys....and sitting nicely at the table is just not hardwired in.  This is what learning looked like at different points this week.  (there are so many other possible photo ops of this....but these are 2 I got this week.
See the chair behind M....he pushed it out of the way so he could stand to do his math.
This is also math.  Yep, that's my rocking chair.

Shifted to finish math....maybe his head was tired so he needed to prop it up.

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