Sunday, December 25, 2011

December 2011 in Pictures!

So December is a busy busy busy month.  And I've been trying to keep up with pictures.  So I'll share a few of the pics I got while going about our holiday plans and winter activities.  Since a picture is worth 1000 words, I won't say much....just get right to it.

On December 3rd (the day after the King and my 11th anniversary), we went to my sister's wedding.  It was the first wedding the King ever did and I got to be Matron of Honor (matron, ugh, that sounds so old!)  

We went to a local nature center one evening to learn all about Operation Migration, a program reintroducing whooping cranes to nature.

The kids and Pappy have been running trap lines trying to catch raccoons.  On this day, we all went to check our traps (which will only catch raccoons-although Pappy caught a mouse in one today).  It is a nice walk to get our day started.

We celebrated Christmas at Nanny and Pappy's house the weekend before Dec 25th with Greg, Heather, and my "unofficially adopted" sister. ;)  We ate steaks and exchanged gifts.  I got an awesome gift from Nanny that gets a post dedicated solely to it.  :)  The King got a waffle maker that we are very much enjoying.  We gave Nanny (a joint gift from my sister and I ) a scrapbook of the trip to Bali.  She was excited!

The same weekend we spent Sunday celebrating an extended family Christmas.  The boys are holding their twin second cousins at their first family Christmas.  Last year they were in the NICU for Christmas.  They are healthy and happy and enjoyed all the wrapping paper this year.

We've spent time doing Christmas Crafts too.  The little guy made this teeny beaded Christmas wreath to hang on their special tree.

The squire made one too.  He enjoyed making a pattern on his.

What is Christmas without cookies?  And we had to make the King's favorite...Peanut Butter Blossoms.  And the kids didn't eat ALL the Hershey kisses as they unwrapped them....minor Christmas miracle right there.

The Prince made a batch of Choc chip cookies "all by himself" too.  They turned out quite good considering how quickly they disappeared.  We also made a batch of my favorite cookies (Chocolate Crinkle Cookies) but no pictures were taken that day. 

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of Christmas Day present opening and a video if I can get it to work.  Plus, later this week some pics of my Christmas gift from mom and some of my new craft projects.  See ya later and hope you have had a wonderful Christmas season!!!!

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