Monday, December 26, 2011

Presents on Christmas Day!!!!

Christmas dawned bright sunshiny and warm.  After nanny, pappy, and my "unofficially adopted sis" got here and we had some coffee cake we got right down to business...the presents under the tree.  And none of the boys were disappointed, I don't think.  Here are some pictures of the present unwrapping....
All three boys were very excited over their new Thundertank and each figure they got to go with it.  I think some of the Christmas money they got from other family will be used to buy the rest of the figures they didn't get.

The boys got started right away with their stockings with Thundercats figure (later named as favorite gift) and their first ever comic books---oooo, they are dorks in the making and I love them dearly.  :)

Little Guy with his new Spiderman Jammies. 

Middle boy with the yo-yo that was high on his list of Christmas wants.

When the Prince opened this one, he said "Oh great, stupid school stuff!"  :)  However, I read it and I think he will like it....I hope!  I am a bit fearful that he will like the comic book better...but at the same time I just want him to want to read so I won't be too picky.  They also, between them, got a few "Magic Tree House" books which I hope get read.   I'm certainly not above sneaking (or not sneaking) "stupid school stuff" into holidays.  ;)

Jasper got to come in and enjoy the day with the family.  (he is such a good dog).  He had a new bone in his stocking and he climbed right up in "his chair" to enjoy it even though Pappy was there first.  That dog has serious issues with who is truly the boss.  :)

Labyrinth was middle boy's game.  We played it a couple times and it is FUN!  I would HIGHLY recommend this one to anyone.  It was over Little guy's head but the rest of it REALLY enjoyed it.  It was fun and challenging for everyone.

Little Guy got a Scooby Doo game that involves trying not to knock them off a wall.   It was a hit!

The Prince asked for Battleship a couple (hundred) times on his Christmas list.  He was thrilled when he unwrapped it.  He was less thrilled when we opened the box and there were NO SHIPS INSIDE!  So I am going to brave Walmart on the day after Christmas to exchange it (Please pray for me and for whoever I have to talk to...I do not enjoy going to Walmart on a good day much less on a day that is likely to be chaotic)

Nanny & Pappy play the Scooby Doo game that little guy got.  It is a game of high concentration, skill, and strategy (not really but by watching them one would assume so)  :)

We spent the whole day at home as a family.  Nothing much was really accomplished except for playing with new toys and games, watching a new movie (Cars 2),eating some chili for lunch and enough cookies for half an army.  Nanny and I got to go for a walk this afternoon (thankfully since I ate enough cookies for 6 people myself).  And a few took naps.  It was a day to celebrate the birth of the Savior and to enjoy the company of family. What could be better than a day like that?  Really, we should take time to have days just like this one more often (minus all the new gifts).  It was such a wonderful day. 

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