Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My favorite Christmas Gift!!

Ok, well a few months ago I got my gift from the King.  I went and bought it though.  This is very atypical of gifts from him....he likes to find something, buy it and surprise me....but this year I REALLY wanted a Kitchenaide mixer.  So when it went on sale, we decided that I would just get it.  And we've been enjoying ever since.  :)

But my favorite surprise Christmas gift came from my mom and dad (I think credit for this one especially goes to mom).  It is One Yard Wonders, a book with 101 patterns for things that require only 1 yard of fabric (and in some cases less).  I LOVE IT!  The day we traded gifts I looked through it at least a half dozen times since it would have been rude to leave and start sewing immediately.  There were about 6 of the 101 projects that I was not interested in trying....all the rest of them excite me.

I did start sewing as quickly as I could and very quickly I made these 2 projects.  They were fun, simple, and came together great!  Looking forward to making many many more of the projects in the book. 

I love Baby Sister's little stuffed elephant.  Can you just get any cuter than this?

This hanging file is perfect in this spot next to my desk.  Each kid will have a file for finished school work instead of it making a huge mess ON my desk!  Although my desk will likely still be at least a little messy....I just can't help it.
So I've had success with the first 2 projects and am anxious to try out the others.  My best friend is also a seamstress and I think this winter we plan to sew some projects together while our kids destroy the rest of the house play (after school work is finished for the day, of course).  I'll keep posting pics of the finished projects.  :)

PS.  My dad also got me a great gift.  He is hanging me a new clothesline on pulleys so I can hang clothes out on the line without leaving the deck.  Truly, I scored all around this year.  :)

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