Saturday, December 10, 2011


I have not been able to post much because I have been getting ready for a craft show that is being held this weekend.  I am more than halfway done.  I am short of my goal for the weekend but overall the blessing of talking to people and making the effort has been worth it.  And you never know what tomorrow will bring.    I have learned that craft fairs are exhausting.  It is amazing how tired you get from sitting and talking to people all day.  I have met some wonderful people and enjoyed myself (until the end of the day when I get tired).  After this show my handmade items will be for sale at MBT (across the street from IGA and Alco).  Barb has all kinds of neat-o things in go in and check out the shop...from finished handmade gifts to the craft supplies you need to make your own....she is great!

We did not win the grant contest but I am glad that we at least tried for a little while.  I am feeling a little snarky about other topics so I am going to leave it at that and stop writing.  I will try to post more regularly now that I am not going to be spinning in circles trying to craft, teach the children, and keep my house up (the house has been seriously neglected).

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