Monday, July 1, 2013

Heard this week...

In a house of small(ish) children you just never know what you are going to overhear or be told.  And this week was a week where it seems everyone had something to say...

1.  At DQ after a ballgame, during a lull in the conversation my mom (!!!!) says "So all the orcs are dead now!"  And the conversation picked up like this was perfectly normal and she was commenting on the weather.  As a side note, she is watching thru the LOTR for the first time and likes to discuss it with the King to make sure she is understanding it all right.  :)

2.   On the way home from an essential oil party I pulled out in front of a semi and a passenger in the car said "Um, that's a semi"  so this statement didn't exactly come out of nowhere since I almost got us all killed however, she said it with the excitement one might say "Um, there's a turtle"  Thankfully, our guardian angels were working overtime and we avoided the accident.

Now on to the kids who are usually the stars in this kind of thing....

M: "Mom, someday when I'm a daddy, I"m going to have 2 sons.  I will name them Frodo and Bilbo"
Me: "Well, I hope your wife is wiser"
(maybe we should watch less Hobbit and LOTR)

and at another time:
the King: "Baby, are you ready to get out of the tub?"
L: "Yes (she always says yes, never yeah", daddy.  Wanky Mangers"  (the g in mangers is a hard G)
the King (to me):  "L has wanky mangers, mommy"
L:  "Yes, look mommy, wanky mangers"

for those who don't translate toddler well wanky mangers equals wrinkly fingers  :)

And on the way home from church:

A: Grandma S is crazy!
Me: She is nice and likes to be a part of things.  You should be nice.
A:  No, mom she is CRAZY just like Aunt H.
Me:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! (dialing my phone to call Aunt H and tell her what A said-He is in TROUBLE!)
G or M:  Aunt H laughs like Nanny.  huhuhuhuhu.
Me:  HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!  (it is funny cause I laugh just like them too but the kids don't seem to notice)  :)

And that closes this episode of "heard this week".....I'm sure there will be a chance to write it again.

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  1. Nan and Michael are working their way through the LOTR books. I recently watched the Hobbit with them...and thought it was scary! I am not a fan! So glad my husband is so my daughter gets a complete education, I am the bad kind of teacher who would just have skipped all those book! So cool that your mom is willing to read and watch to be a part of your life!