Monday, July 29, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life!

Yes, I know that's a Christmas movie.  Yes, I know it is technically July.  No, I don't really care.

The weather is so unbelievable here.  We've got the windows open and are sleeping to the sounds of the critters out there.  (Except Saturday night when we were "blessed" by a band at the nearby outdoor bar and had to close the windows cause it was so stinkin loud-but I digress.).  It is just beautiful!

I hadn't taken many pictures last week cause we didn't really do much in the way of photo worthy activity but this weekend by far made up for it.  An afternoon at the pond is one photo op after I have to choose which pictures to share.......hmmmmm  decision decisions.   Some of the great pics are another camera and I'll have to wait till its owner shares them....but I got a few too. :)

It was a bit cold for swimming but swim they must.  Brrrrr!

The Princess skipped the swimming (cause mommy wasn't getting in that cold water) and played on the swing instead.

Swings make such good photo ops. And she LOVES her hat!

Bocce ball.  A takes his turn

M playing some bocce.

G takes his shot.

The princess and I just enjoying the view of the pond and the breeze off the water
 (too bad you miss that in a photo-it was heavenly)

Where better to read Magic Tree House books than in a tree!?!?!

A would fish all day and all night....but they weren't biting.

Practicing his "selfie" skills.
Cooking hotdogs for supper.  YUM!

Playing in the fire (wow am I squinting)

Reading an evening story out on the front porch.  

TWISTER!  'nuff said!

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