Sunday, July 10, 2011

The First Post!

You know I feel like the first post on this blog should be monumental, important, of "royal" quality. But I've really got nothing like that. So I am just going to tell you why I am starting completely over in blogland.

I've been inspired and helped by several other bloggers (check my blog list for some of them) and am thinking "well shucks. Maybe I can be inspiring and helpful too." I'm trying not to set the bar too high. ;) At least, I enjoy sharing things; funny stories, experimental recipes, homeschooling successes (and disasters), opinions (I'm really good at those), life here in our little neck o' the woods. So, I've decided the blog world needs me. I am important. And I am inspiring. And helpful. To someone. Somewhere. I hope.

Well, anyway, I have a lot going on. So I'll see how often I can fit in writing about it and how often I can say something worthwhile or useful. Check back often (but not too often-I still have to figure out how to fit this into the day). Oh, and please follow me. I really, really like to see the little icons of people who may or may not be gives me incentive to keep posting and not punk out. :)

PS- If you happen to know about or be one of the few who follow me elsewhere...this is it...the place to be. Those are going to be deleted so they no longer have to suffer in their long, painful death.

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