Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Movie theater ettiquette??

This morning the kids and I made our first trip to the free children's movie offered in an area theater.  They show older cartoons or kids' movies for free at 10 in the morning.  Today we saw Megamind.  It is a great concept.  Now, I went with the expectation that there would be disruptive children in the theater...after all it was a free kids movie.  What I didn't expect was the utter disrepect that the other parents showed by not trying to keep their kids from disrupting others. 

The children behind us were terrible.  I'm not sure how many there were but from the noise they made and the insane number of trips they made out of the theater it seemed like maybe there were 50 or so.  The little boy who banged on the back of my seat and smacked his lips while eating popcorn with his head stuck between my seat and the one next to me was just delightful.  And the daughter who apparently has bladder control issues and continually got up and banged us in the head while leaving the aisle because she had to grip the back of all of our chairs was a little ray of sunshine.  Friends in another theater said there was a crying baby and screaming child that the mother never took out.  

So where does the fault lie?  In the chlidren?  In the parents, who did nothing to get them to sit down and be quiet (I suppose the mother did say, sit back please about 1400 times but there was no consequence to disobeying)?  And how do you respond to something like this?  I did ask the lipsmacking boy to please sit back with his mother.  Should I have said something to the mother?  The manager?  How would you have handled it?   What about the girl who kept whacking us on the head (my friend even said Ow! at one point)?  She was probably 10 years old. 

I do not pretend that my children are always well behaved.  I am often that overwhelmed mother making threats in walmart about behavior.  Today, though, was a proud mom moment of well-behaved kids...of course, anyone could have been better than the ones behind us. 

I really would like to hear what you would have done in this situation as we are planning to go back next week.  So let me know so I can go prepared.  :)  PS- the theater is full (hello, it is FREE movie) so changing seats is not really an option. 


  1. lol Kelli...FREE MOVIES...I have low expectations from a lot in that situation.
    The ushers were boys themselves (teens)...I know they really would have the fortitude needed to admonish a mother's child (saying this because the mom's are present). So, it's left to the fellow assembly of mom's who are (hopefully) in attendance with their say something. Thus, the question: Depending how low and obnoxious they are...I would ignore it and not go back. If they are super loud then I would report them...but not to the young ushers. The manager. Then I would apply the lesson to my own children and how important it is to be mindful of others, respectful and MIND YOUR MANNERS.

  2. Unfortunately, many parents use the free movies as a free babysitter. I don't think I would have said much to the children (depending on the age), but definitely would have had a discussion with the parent. I find nothing wrong with turning around and asking the parent to keep her daughter from banging me in the back of the head. "I'll give you this opportunity to stop this behavior, or I'll have to go to the manager". So many times, I've heard h.s. student's parents say "I can't do anything with him/her" anymore". Teaching manners/good behavior starts from the crib, not when they turn 16. Parents must parent, not just provide the fertilizer and incubator! OK, now I'll get off my "soapbox". ;) Terri

  3. We've have better "luck" with less distractions by trying to arrive early enough to get seats in the very back of the theater. That way, no one can bump us from behind. :-)